Practical Medical Chinese: Preclinical 4 (with 1 MP3)

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The Practical Medical Chinese series has three categories—Elementary, Preclinical and Clinical. It is a set of course textbook for foreign medical students studying in China, featuring in incorporating Chinese language study with medical learning. This volume mainly introduces the medical knowledge on pathology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology as well as the common Chinese expressions in this respect.
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(In the emergency ward)
Family: Doctor, what's wrong with my father?
Doctor: He has an ischemic stroke, caused by cerebral thrombosis.
Family: Why did it happen?
Doctor: There may be some inducing factors. Does your father have a high blood pressure?
Family: Yes, so is his blood fat. He also has atherosclerosis.
Doctor: All of those are high-risk factors for cerebral thrombosis.
Family: Will he be paralysed for the rest of his life?
Doctor: It depends on the level of thrombolysis. We have prescribed fibrinolytics and anticoagulants for him, in the hope to dissolve the thrombus and restore the
blood supply to the brain tissue as soon as possible so as to reduce injuries.
Family: Will my father get well when the thrombus is dissolved?
Doctor: Of course not. He needs to take neuronprotectants to improve the metabolism of the brain tissue and promote the recovery of the neurons. He also needs
to take calcium channel blockers and vasodilators to improve the bloodcirculation in the brain.
Family: Will he have re-thrombosis in the future?
Doctor: It is very likely. Therefore he must control his blood pressure very well, and follow
the doctor's instructions about how to take aspirin and antiplatelet agents.
Family: Thank you. We will keep that in mind.
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Practical Medical Chinese: Preclinical 4 (with 1 MP3)