New Slang of China (Chinese-English)

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This new dictionary of modern Chinese slang contains more than 1,400 entries of the most popular and widely used slang which has emerged in recent years. Most of the expressions in this dictionary are widely used in northern areas, while a few expressions origination from foreign words or from the south of China.

Slang, as a colloquial spoken language, is vividly flavored with local color. Although it is both informal and vulgar, many of the slang expressions commonly used are direct, simple and apt. People tend to like the frankness, the satire and the humor of slang. In fact, it can be considered as a living part of the Chinese language.

Slang, like other languages, continues to emerge, develop, and change. To a certain extent, it reveals various changes in to economy, culture, and standard of living of a society. We compiled this dictionary to meet the needs of readers book to study, research, and master, as well as providing a tool for translators.

We wish to acknowledge our debt to all who gave us so much love, kindness and support in compiling and translating this dictionary. May we dedicate this dictionary to all those who share our enthusiasm for Chinese slang.
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New Slang of China (Chinese-English)