New Concept Chinese vol.11 with Textbook, Workbook, CD, Card

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This Volume Eleven of New Concept Chinese series includes one textbook, two workbooks, one set of final exam paper and an accompanying audio CD.
Each lesson includes text, characters and words, comparison of character forms and reading. The reading materials consist of two riddles and a story, vivid, interesting and helpful for improving students' reading skills. Basic Knowledge of Chinese Language in each lesson continues to introduce the methods of looking up the Chinese dictionaries; the common polyphony characters are included for students to recognize and read; and the notes on auxiliaries, conjunctions and common collocations are also provided.
The exercise book has two volumes, including exercises such as linking characters, forming words, making sentences, etc. Exercises of character tracing are also added for students to practice writing Chinese characters.
The accompanying CD includes the recording of texts and part of the exercises.
Upon finishing this volume, the students will master 157 new characters and 370 words and phrases, and will be able to read short articles of about 400 characters.

Chen Jian, founder and principal of New Concept Chinese School, has years of valuable experience in teaching Chinese in overseas schools.
New Concept Chinese vol.11 with Textbook, Workbook, CD, Card