Nanhai One and the Maritime Silk Route (Chinese-German)

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Language: Chinese, German
Format: Books;
Page: 167
Publication Date: 12/2018
ISBN: 9787561952757
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Nanhai One is the earliest, largest and best preserved ocean-going merchant ship among all the Song dynasty sunken ships that have been excavated. It is an important witness to the ancient Maritime Silk Route. Nanhai One and the Maritime Silk Route is based on the historical data and archeological facts, all its contents sourced from archeological data, supported by videos of the excavation site and excavated relics that show readers the real scene of underwater excavation. Besides, this book also relates the salvage and excavation of Nanhai One and the establishment of the Maritime Silk Route Museum, familiarizing readers with the Maritime Silk Route.

About the Author
Li Qingxin, Ph.D. in history, research scientist, is now the head of the Institute of History and Sun Yat-sen (Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences) and the director of Guangdong Research Center for Maritime History among many other titles. Mr. Li is also the chief editor of Studies of Maritime History.
Nanhai One and the Maritime Silk Route (Chinese-German)