Mu Mengjie and His School for the Blind

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Language: English
Page: 193
Publication Date: 08/2019
ISBN: 9787508537429

About Author

Li Chaoquan is a member of the Reportage Committee of the Chinese Writers Association and vice-chairman of the China Reportage Society. He has published documentary literature works including The Best Era, Jin Xing’an and the First Farmers’ Book House, Dream Lights up Life and Century Friendship – Ba Jin and Bing Xin. He is the winner of the Zhuang Chongwen Literature Award and the China Population Culture Award.

Table of Contents
Preface The Dream of a Blind Man
Chapter One The Students
The Campus
Happy Birds
Listening to Life
An Optimistic and Cheerful Girl
Family at Home Classmates at School
The Lingering Phoenix
The Thirsty Kid
Chapter Two The Faculty 
The Discipline Director
The Blind Should Help Each Other
The Blind Teacher
The Lady Teacher with Beautiful Eyes 

Chapter Three Family Support 
“Big Mu”
“Little Mu” 
“Nan Mu”
Chapter Four Venturing Out with a Bamboo Stick-
Falling into Darkness
“I Want to Go to School”
Study outside the Classroom
Venturing Outside at 13
The First 19-yuan Earning
Seeking Teachers
Missing an Opportunity to Attend School
A Narrow Escape from the Snow
Thrown Into the Fields 
Trading Skills
A Caring Nanny 
Needles Thrown Everywhere
Psychology Consultation
Chapter Five Meeting His True Love
Chapter Six Establishing the School
Chapter Seven A Prosperous Future
Chapter Eight “I Have a Bigger Dream”
Mu Mengjie and His School for the Blind