Meeting China: Elementary Comprehensive Chinese

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Rewritten based on the original Meeting China series, this book series incorporate new teaching theories into the original features, reflecting characteristics of short-term Chinese teaching in the aspects of overall design, writing principles, styles arrangements and materials selection. A complete set have two series including comprehensive textbook and spoken textbook and altogether have 8 volumes with 12 lessons in each volume. Each lesson has warming-up, new words, passage, language points related specialized exercises and integrated exercises.
Table of Contents
第一课 我想找个语伴
第二课 你能帮我看看吗?
第三课 空调坏了
第四课 肚子有点儿不舒服
第五课 我想锻炼锻炼
第六课 一起去喝茶吧!
第七课 钱包丢了
第八课 我想去长城
第九课 你想买什么礼物?
第十课 是友谊饭店吗?
第十一课 坐火车很累吧?
第十二课 别忘了给我发邮件
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Meeting China: Elementary Comprehensive Chinese