Lively Chinese Grade 3A Exercise book A

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Publication Date: 09/2021
ISBN: 9787513821124
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
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Lively Chinese is tailored to overseas Chinese students who can communicate in simple Chinese. The series consists of textbooks, exercise books, audio material, and instructor’s editions, and ranges in difficulty from a preschool to a grade–ten level. Using this series will enable students to master at least 2000 Chinese characters, improve their language skills and gain a better understanding of Chinese culture. It can serve as a textbook for overseas Chinese teaching schools or self-study material for Chinese learners.
Table of Contents
第一课 登鹳雀楼①
第二课 两个名字①
第三课 包字歌①
第四课 我的爸爸爱打鼾②
第五课 不读书不成人②
第六课 中国谣②
Lively Chinese Grade 3A Exercise book A