Learning Spoken Chinese by Rhythmic Chants - vol.4 with 1 MP3

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Usage Advice: Can be used in combination with Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters

Level: Intermediate

Learning spoken Chinese by rhythmic chants, the backbone of Easy Chinese Textbook Series, is intended for overseas youngsters to learn Chinese as a foreign language. There are altogether 8 volumes of textbooks. Each volume contains 6 units with several lessons in each. The most distinctive feature of this series is the rhyming texts, which allow students to read the texts aloud and memorize them easily. It was found that the method of “chanting/reading aloud” largely increases the fun of learning as well as students’ enthusiasm for learning.
Book 4, with an MP3 CD included, encompasses close-to-life topics, such as climate, traffic, travel, surfing the Internet, seeing a doctor, and housing. On the basis of Books 1-3, this book increases the vocabulary and broadens the content of dialogues. By learning the rhymes and conversations, students will quickly acquire the language skills necessary for them to cope with various daily life situations and to improve the quality of their lives in the Chinese environment.

About the Author
Da Shiping and Wendy Da are both Chinese teachers of several international schools. Their publications include textbooks such as Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters, Radicals for Learning Chinese Characters, Learning Spoken Chinese by Rhythmic Chants, My Mini Radical Dictionary, My Mini Chinese Dictionary, Playing Cards for Learning Chinese, Wall Charts Of Chinese Character Building Blocks, Study China through Numbers—Wall Charts on Chinese Geography and History and Reading Journal for “Traveling around China—Chinese Reading Marathon” and the multimedia product Magical Chinese Characters.
Table of Contents
Lesson 1 今天天气怎么样 
Lesson 2 中国的地理和气候 
Lesson 3 天气预报 
Lesson 4 黄梅(霉) 
Lesson 5 复习(局部地区有时有雨) 
Lesson 1 你怎么去 
Lesson 2 坐飞机 
Lesson 3 出门 
Lesson 4 老家多远 
Lesson 5 复习(“日新月异”的城市) 
Lesson 7 海边一座山 
Lesson 2 天空和大地 
Lesson 3 赶飞机 
Lesson 4 去高原旅游 
Lesson 5 复习(叫早) 
Lesson 7 我的电脑 
Lesson 2 上网 
Lesson 3 防火墙 
Lesson 4 你是网民吗 
Lesson 5 复习(博客) 
Lesson 7 医院 
Lesson 2 我觉得不舒服 
Lesson 3 牙疼 
Lesson 4 住院 
Lesson 5 复习(三高病) 
Lesson 7 我家新房子 
Lesson 2 公寓 
Lesson 3 装修和风水 
Lesson 4 买房子。送家具 
Lesson 5 复习(买卖合同) 
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Learning Spoken Chinese by Rhythmic Chants - vol.4 with 1 MP3 (ISBN:9787561937457) 

鼻 n. nose 
病厉 n. sickroom.ward of a hospital 
测 v. measure.survey 
超声波 n. ultrasonic wave,supersonic wave 
打针 v. give/have an injection 
大便 n. excrement,feces,stool 
儿 n. child.babv 
儿科 n.(department of)pediatrics 
耳 n. ear 
妇产科 n.(department off gynecology and obstetrics 
骨 n. bone 
骨科 n.(department oO orthopedics 
挂号 v. register(at a hospital) 
喉 n.throat,larynx 
化验 v. assay,make a laboratory test 
浑身 n. from head to foot,all over.
Learning Spoken Chinese by Rhythmic Chants - vol.4 with 1 MP3