Rhythmic Chants for Learning Spoken Chinese 2 (with CD)

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Author: Da Shiping;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 171
Publication Date: 11/2005
ISBN: 7561915101
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Series: EazyChin
This series focuses on communicative functions with emphasis on repetition of the vocabulary and progressive sequencing of the language structures. Using rhyming text, this unique approach will allow students to read texts aloud and memorize them easily. Altogether, there are 8 volumes of textbooks. Each volume contains 6 units with several lessons in each unit. Each books is accompanied with an audio CD.
Table of Contents
Unit 1 现在几点钟
Lesson 1 现在几点钟?
Lesson 2 锻炼身体心情好
Lesson 3 晚上做作业吗?
Lesson 4 有空吗?
Lesson 5 复习
Unit 2 我的眼睛
Lesson 1 眼睛看一看
Lesson 2 真好看
Lesson 3 上中下
Lesson 4 他来不来?
Lesson 5 复习
Unit 3 学校在哪里
Lesson 1 中间是谁
Lesson 2 在哪里?
Lesson 3 你打算怎么去?
Lesson 4 去机场
Lesson 5 复习
Unit 4 四秀歌
Lesson 1 天气
Lesson 2 春夏秋冬
Lesson 3 下雨还是下雪?
Lesson 4 天气预报
Lesson 5 复习
Unit 5 喜欢吃什么
Lesson 1 你们吃什么?
Rhythmic Chants for Learning Spoken Chinese 2 (with CD)