Jiangsu Statistical Yearbook 2021

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Language: English, Chinese
Format: with CD-Rom
Page: 677
Publication Date: 09/2021
ISBN: 9787503795152
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: Jiangsu Statistical Yearbook
'Jiangsu Statistical Yearbook 2021' is a comprehensive annual report on the national economic and social development of Jiangsu Province in 2020 and the important year of history. It contains a large number of economic and social development statistics in Jiangsu Province and various regions.'Jiangsu Statistical Yearbook 2020' is divided into twenty-two parts: 1. Comprehensive, 2. National Economic Accounting, 3. Population, Employment and Employee Salaries, 4. People's Life, 5. Fixed Asset Investment, 6. Price Index, 7 Finance, Finance, 8. Foreign Trade, 9. Energy, Resources, Environment, 10. Agriculture, 11. Industry, 12. Construction, 13. Transportation, Posts and Telecommunications, 14. Wholesale and Retail, Accommodation Catering and Tourism, 15. Education, science and technology, 16. culture, sports, health, 17. public administration, social services and others, 18. urban economy and construction, 19 regional economy, 20 cities and counties social economy, 21 county (city) social and economic development Sequence, 22. Township basic situation. Another appendix to the national key indicators. The main contents, sources, statistical scope, statistical methods and historical changes of this chapter are briefly summarized.
Jiangsu Statistical Yearbook 2021