Chinese Characters Wax Seal Kit

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Size: 3 cm X 9 cm (1.2 inch X 3.5 inch)
Package includes:

  • One wax seal stamp with wooden handle. Choose from floral alphabets or other designs. The seal stamp is around 9cm in height. The round sealing plate is 3cm in diameter 
  • Three sealing wax stick (in red, golden, silver color). Each stick measures 9cm x 1cm x 1cm. 
  • One small spoon for melted wax
  • Two tealight candles for heating the wax stick 

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2 Customer Review(s):
by Lisa on 2023-09-07 13:19:57
Very nice
by Lisa on 2023-09-07 13:19:56
Very nice
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Chinese Characters Wax Seal Kit