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Sacred and Contested Landscapes Dynamics of Natural Resource Management by the Akha People in Xishuangbanna
ISBN: 9787513052696 | Published on 02/2018

Study of Hot Issues of Intellectual Property Civil Litigation
ISBN: 9787802472228

A Study of Borrowings Between English and Chinese
ISBN: 7513005915,9787513005913 | Published on 08/2011
Editor's Recommendation 由陶岳炼编著的《英汉互借词研究》内容介绍:近几十年来,国家之间、民族之间以及 社会集团之间的交往日趋频繁,使语言接触、语言之间相互影响的问题变得尤为突出,关于语言接触的课题也因此成为一个十分重要的语言学课题。随着语言学的迅...

2015 Gazette of state intellectual property office of The People's republic of China
ISBN: 9787513046640 | Published on 12/2016

Perspectives on visual culture from China: Methodology, Analysis and Filmic Representations
ISBN: 9787513008723 | Published on 01/2012
China won the right to host the 16th IUAES World Congress in July, 2003. After six years of preparation, the Congress will be held during July 27-31,...

Comparison and Translation of English and Chinese Vocabulary
ISBN: 9787513039420 | Published on 11/2016

Yunnan Studies
ISBN: 9787513009652 | Published on 01/2012

Shanghai intellectual property court judgments selection (2015-2016)
ISBN: 9787513054744 | Published on 04/2018

Intellectual Property Laws and Regulations of P.R.China
ISBN: 7800118282 | Published on 04/2003
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Guidelines For Patent Examination 2010
ISBN: 9787802479548 | Published on 03/2010
Tne State intellectual Property Ottlce of the People' s Republic of China, as the patent administration department under the State Council,...