Happy Chinese (Chinese for GCSE, Kuaile Hanyu) Volume 3 - Student's Book

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Author: Li Xiaoqi;
Format: 1 Book
Page: 156
Publication Date: 10/2003
ISBN: 9787107171345
Series: Happy Chinese
Language is the most direct way for mankind to communicate information and exchange ideas, anti it serves as a bridge between different people and cultures. Chinese language along with the rapid development of China's economy is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Chinese language courses are offered as early as primary school or junior middle school in many countries. To meet the needs for Chinese textbooks suitable for primary and junior middle school student, a project was founded bar the National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL) of China and we were entrusted with the work of compiling KUAILE HANYU, a series of Chinese textbooks for junior middle school students of English speaking countries.

In the process of compiling NOCFL acted in close coordination with the British Council. The textbooks were tried out in some junior middle schools in UK under the organization of the British Council. After soliciting opinions from the expert concerned and with the permission of NOCFL, the textbooks have been published in the UK by the British Council with the title Chinese for GCSE.

KUAILE HANYU consists of six books with three levels, with both a student's book and teacher's book at each level. From the design, the compiling to the publishing, we have: made every effort to accord with learner's psychological conditions and needs of the student from 11 to 16 years old, and with the requirements of foreign language curricula of certain countries. KUAILE HANYU focuses on the training; of Chinese communicative competence, anti also on motivating the learners. It is devoted to forming a solid foundation for the learners' further study.

It is our hope that KUAILE HANYU will increase every learner's interest in Chinese, that KUAILE HANYU will let the learners know learning Chinese is very happy and easy rather than boring and difficult, that KUAILE HANYU will help the learners improve their Chinese, and thus get the key to the Chinese culture. We also hope that our colleagues in other countries will like KUAILE HANYU, and have a stronger connection with us.
We wish great success to all Chinese learners.
Table of Contents

第一单元  介绍和推荐
Unit One  Introduction and Commendation
第一课  我从北京来
第二课  我想来兼职
第三课  我们给他打电话吧
第二单元  城市与环境
Unit Two  City and Environment
第四课  北京有一个很大的广场
第五课  郊区没有污染
第六课  我是本地人
第三单元  家居与购物
Unit Three House and Furniture
第七课  我的新家
第八课  我想送她一个礼物
第九课  他买到了纪念品
第四单元  学校生活
Unit Four  School Life
第十课  你说汉语说得真好
第十一课  比赛四点才开始
第十二课  看看我的电子邮件
第五单元  健康
Unit Five  Health
第十三课  他从来没吃过中药
第十四课  我的身体越来越好
第十五课  我们都爱吃她做的点心
第六单元  娱乐与休闲
Unit Six  Entertainment
第十六课  熊猫可爱极好
第十七课  我们都在图书馆看书
第十八课  我们都跑上山去
第七单元  新闻与传媒
Unit Seven  Media
第十九课  有什么新闻
第二十课  他正在采访
第二十一课  中文歌表演比赛
第八单元  旅行与习俗
Unit Eight Travel and Custom
第二十二课  我们一到假期就去旅行
第二十三课  我要从美国到中国去
第二十四课  在中国过年

Happy Chinese (Chinese for GCSE, Kuaile Hanyu) Volume 3 - Student's Book