Graded Chinese Reader 3: Selected Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories (with MP3)

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  • Author: Shi Ji;
  • Language: Chinese-English
  • Format: Papercover
  • Page: 299
  • Publication Date: 05/2009
  • ISBN: 9787802004153
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press
  • Series: Graded Chinese Reader
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In Graded Chinese Reader 3, the most common words are used, and appear frequently for students to memorize.The sentences are reasonably short, and complex sentences are avoided. In each story, for some key or difficult words, idioms and difficult sentences, notes and examples are given at the side of each page. Pinyin is also shown so that students can review and memorize the pronunciation of Chinese words and more easily look them up in a dictionary. In order to improve the listening comprehension of students of Chinese as a foreign language, CDs in MP3 format are included with each book. In addition, the stories are illustrated with pictures, which can help students to understand the stories better. In summary, the aims of
Chinese Graded Reader 3 are to further reduce the difficulty of Chinese reading, to enlarge the reader's vocabulary ,and to improve Chinese reading and listening ability.
Table of Contents
1.谁生活得更美好(原著张洁)A storyhappened in the 1970s among two youngmen and a beautiful bus conductress.
2.《陈奂生上城》(原著高晓声)A farmerwent to the city at the beginning stage of thereform and opening up in the 1980s inChina.
3. 《夜之随想曲》(原著陈忠实)Twofriends chat a beautiful night away by ariver.As one lives in the country,the otherin the city,the gap.between country andurban life iS revealed.
4.《雪窗帘》(原著迟子建)A funny yetbitter story takes place on a train when anold lady from the countryside got on thetrain with her berth ticket.
5.《城乡简史》 (原著范小青)A lostaccount book brings about an interestingstory.
6.《故乡的雨》(原著程树榛)An overseasChinese invests in the cOnstructiOn of hishometown in China.
Sample Pages Preview
This story was written by Chen Zhongshi (陈忠实 ), a famous contemporary writer. At a beautiful night two friends are sitting by a river enjoying the quiet night in the countryside. However, their perspectives are quite different because of their different life style and enviroment. The narrator, T', lives in the countryside while "he"only comes to the countryside to work for a short time."I" seems sincere and simple, and feels that life is hard in the countryside. "He" seems impractical and hypocritical, and feels life in the countryside is poetic. "He", from the city, sees only the quietness, fresh air and fresh fruits in the countryside, and regrets that his granddaughter can-not have all these. It seems that "he" is tired of the noise and pollution of city life. However, during their conversation "he" does not seem to either notice, or care, that his friend has difficultly in supporting his family in the countryside. The question is whether "he" is really tired of city life or not.
Graded Chinese Reader 3: Selected Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories (with MP3)