Giant Panda, the Century-old Legend of Living Fossi

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Gao Fuhua, from Lushan County, Sichuan Province, is a member of Sichuan Writers' Association and a senior reporter of Ya 'an Daily. He is the author of History of the Giant Panda (1869-2019), Basi ,the Peace Messenger Panda, Walking through the Giant Panda Village, and other books. Among them, Bass’ hundred years of wind and rain was selected into the 2006 annual reportage collection of China Writers Association.

Table of Contents
Preface 01
Chapter I
Discovery of the Giant Panda
Section 1 The Mysterious Black-and-White Bear 002
Section 2 Panda Mania 023
Section 3 Giant Pandas and Their Hunters 037
Section 4 Protection and Research of the Giant Panda 052
Section 5 The Giant Panda in Wartime 068
Chapter II Giant Pandas as Diplomatic Gifts
Section 1 Ping Ping: the First Diplomatic Gift 078
Section 2 Ji Ji: A Symbol of Commitment to Wildlife Conservation 084
Section 3 Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing in the US 091
Section 4 Pe Pe and Ying Ying: A Giant Panda Family outside China 097
Section 5 The Last Panda Pair as Diplomatic Gifts 101
Chapter III Giant Panda Stars
Section 1 Basi: the Star at the Chinese New Year Gala 108
Section 2 Happy Lives of Handicapped Giant Pandas 114
Section 3 The Qinling Mountains: Home to Brown Giant Pandas 120
Section 4 Pan Pan: A Heroic Father 128
Section 5 A Loving Couple: Xin Xing and Chuan Chuan 134
Section 6 Yuan Zai Was Born of Love 138
Section 7 Captive Breeding of Giant Pandas 142
Chapter IV Conservation of Giant Pandas
Section 1 Gorgeous Homeland: A Land of Mountains and Rivers 148
Section 2 The Giant Panda and Its Companion Animals and Plants 157
Section 3 A Big Family: Giant Panda National Park 166
Section 4 Releasing Giant Pandas into the Wild 174
Section 5 The Giant Panda Culture 182
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Sample pages of Giant Panda, the Century-old Legend of Living Fossi (ISBN:9787508545707) Sample pages of Giant Panda, the Century-old Legend of Living Fossi (ISBN:9787508545707) Sample pages of Giant Panda, the Century-old Legend of Living Fossi (ISBN:9787508545707) Sample pages of Giant Panda, the Century-old Legend of Living Fossi (ISBN:9787508545707) 


Around 4 billion years ago, organisms came into being on the earth. Since then, about 500 million species had emerged, but only nearly 10 million have survived into the modern era.
The giant panda, or the panda, a rare species that ??rst appeared as early as 8 million years ago, has retained its original appearance and kept its physiological habits over the years, becoming the living fossil of animals on the earth today and the relic of primitive organisms.
Appearing on the earth much earlier than the human civilization, giant pandas survived geological vicissitude and Quaternary glaciations, and are now inhabiting the mountains and valleys to the east of the Tibetan Plateau.
Beyond our imagination and despite a short history since humans got to know the giant panda—150 years after its discovery by French naturalist Jean Pierre Armand David in China in 1869, this animal became universally known soon after its discovery, and got the name “panda”.It also has many nicknames such as FEater, black-and-white bear and bamboo bear. Giant pandas are the focus of attention wherever they are, as they are not just a national treasure of China, but also precious natural and historical heritage attracting people across the globe.
As a rare animal in the world as well as in China, the giant panda is few in number, no more than 2000 with the wild and the captive combined. But giant pandas and their habitats have drawn worldwide attention since they are ??agship species to be protected for biodiversity.
The giant panda is the logo of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the giant panda ??ag can still be seen ??uttering around the world. The giant panda has borne witness to major international sports events like the Asian Games and the Olympic Games as the mascot. The giant panda habitat in China has been included on the World Heritage List.
Shortly after the founding of the People’s Republic of China (1949), giant pandas were given to other countries and regions as gifts with unique cultural elements of the East. As a symbol of peace and friendship, the essence of the Chinese culture, giant pandas have deepened relations between the peoples of China and other nations, treasured by the whole world.
But to protect its national treasure and ensure their reproduction, China has stopped doing so and begun partnering with other nations to study giant pandas since the 1980s.
Over the past 150 years, giant pandas have been adored by the people around the world. They have attracted global attention for their diverse value and great charm.
Today, a giant panda national park spanning from Sichuan and Shaanxi to Gansu has been built along the giant panda habitat corridor in China, with the aim of protecting the authenticity and integrity of natural ecosystems, preserving biodiversity, protecting ecological buffer zones, and leaving behind precious natural assets for future generations with a national effort. This wild national park will help preserve biodiversity with giant pandas living with their companion species and enable us to pursue harmony between humans and nature.
On this planet there should be not only humans but also giant pandas and their companion species to preserve biodiversity. Then our world will remain gorgeous, picturesque and enchanting.

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