Fun with Chinese Pinyin (Basis) with 1MP3

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This book is composed by authors who have many years experiences of teaching Chinese in Beijing University. It is a textbook of Chinese Pinyin especially for foreign learners, and it is composed scientifically and reasonably. Considering the difficulties of foreigners learning Pinyin, this book carries out the principle of easier part first and uses the method of repeating back and forth. The book shows systematic explanation with colorful excises. Pay attention to the fun, this book visualizes the Pinyin teaching with a lot of pictures. Also, it combines with Chinese characters, which enriches learning content and causes learners enthusiasm. This book has four versions of English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, and this is the English Version. There are accurate pages in the MP3, which is easy to use. This book could be used as phonetic teaching material for foreign students of learning Chinese Pinyin and correcting Chinese pronounce. Besides, it could be used as reference book for Chinese children to learn Chinese Pinyin.
Table of Contents
第一课 单韵母和声调
Lesson One Simple Finals and Tones
第二课 声母(一)
Lesson TwoInitials
第三课 复韵母(一)
Lesson Three Compound Finals (Ⅰ)
第四课 声母(二)
Lesson Four Initials (11)
第五课 复韵母(二)
Lesson Five Compound Finals (Ⅱ)
第六课 第三声的变调
Lesson Six Third-tone Sandhi
第七课 汉语拼音的音节结构与拼写规则
Lesson Seven Syllable Structure and Spelling Rules of Pinyin
第八课 “一”和“不”的变调
Lesson Eight Tone Sandhi of “一”and “不”
第九课 卷舌韵母与儿化韵
Lesson Nine Retroflex and Suffixation of the Nonsyllabic “r“
第十课 轻声
Lesson Ten Neutral Tone
Tapescript and Answer Key
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Fun with Chinese Pinyin (Basis) with 1MP3