Fujian Statistical Yearbook 2005 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)

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Language: English and Chinese
Format: 1 Book + 1 CD-ROM
Page: 534
Publication Date: 10/2005
ISBN: 7503746543
The Fujian Statistical Yearbook is an annual statistics publication, which covers very comprehensive data in 2004 and some selected data in previous years since 1949 at provincial and regional levels and in different departments and therefore, reflects various aspects of social and economic development in Fujian province.

The data in this yearbook are formal annual statistical data except for the data in 2004 in Statistical Communique which is quick statistical data (or predicted data). Several historical data are adjusted and revised according to current national statistical system, thus the data in this yearbook should be regarded as standard when any difference between the data in this yearbook and those published before occurs

Table of Contents
Part 1 General Survey 3

Part 2 National Economy Accounting 39

Part 3 Population and Labor Force 59

Part 4 Investment in Fixed Assets 79

Part 5 People's Livelihood 121

Part 6 Price Indices 151

Part 7 Finance 169

Part 8 Agriculture 185

Part 9 Industry

Part 10 Construction 255

Part 11 Transportation, Postal and Telecommunication Services 273

Part 12 Wholesales, Retail Sales, and Food Service 289

Part 13 Foreign Trade and International Tourism 329

Part 14 Science and Technology, Education, Culture and Publishing 365

Part 15 Sports, Public Health and Others 395

Part 16 Basic Statistics of Cities 412

Part 17 Main Economic Indicators of City Prefecture and County 433

Part 18 General Situation of Enterprises 487

Part 19 Enterprise Survey 501

Appendix 1 Main Social and Economic Indicators of Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan 547

Appendix 2 A Comparison of Indicators of Economy and Society Among People's Republic of China and Other Counties 559

Statistical Communique of Fujian Economic and Social Development in 2004

Fujian Statistical Yearbook 2005 (1 Book + 1 CD-ROM)