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Health Qigong: Mawangdui Daoyin Exercises: Ma Wang Dui Dao Yin Shu (with DVD/CD)
ISBN: 9787119078700 | Published on 07/2012 | Series: Health Qigong | Reviews:
Health Qigong - Mawangdui Daoyin Exercises, with the Pictures of Daoyin Exercises unearthed from the Mawangdui Tombs of the Han Dynasty(206 BC- AD...

Wisdom of the Ancients for Today (Bilingual, Pinyin Edition)
ISBN: 9787119051611 | Published on 12/2007
To learn without thinking is futile; to think without learning is dangerous. --Confucius He who knows others is intelligent; he who knows himself is...

Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication (2nd Edition) 5: Textbook
ISBN: 9787521323122 | Published on 07/2021 | Series: Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication (2nd Edition)

Qigong Chino para la Salud: Ba Duan Jin(Incluye DVD)
ISBN: 9787119054490 | Published on 10/2008 | Series: Health Qigong (Spanish Version)
Como uno de los ejercicios tradicionales del qigong chino para el fortalecimiento físico y la calobiótica, Ba Duan Jin o Ejercicios de Ocho Secciones...

Concise Chinese Dictionary (English Edition)
ISBN: 9787521304053 | Published on 09/2018
Concise Chinese Dictionary (English Edition) is a bilingual dictionary written for elementary Chinese learners whose native language is English....

Practical Medical Chinese: Preclinical 4 (with 1 MP3)
ISBN: 9787560097725 | Published on 07/2010 | Series: Practical Medical Chinese
The Practical Medical Chinese series has three categories—Elementary, Preclinical and Clinical. It is a set of course textbook for foreign...

Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication (2nd Edition) 1: Textbook
ISBN: 9787521322811 | Published on 05/2021 | Series: Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication (2nd Edition) | Reviews:

Rainbow Dragon: Graded Chinese Readers (Level 2: Nationalities) (5 books)
ISBN: 9787521319767 | Published on 08/2020 | Series: Rainbow Dragon

Key Concepts in Chinese Culture
ISBN: 9787521311037 | Published on 08/2019

Chinese for Managers: Business Chinese Vol.2 (With 2 CDs)
ISBN: 9787560052342 | Published on 11/2005 | Series: Chinese for Managers | Reviews:

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Founded in 1979, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) has since grown into the largest foreign languages publisher and university press in China. 
FLTRP's publications range from academic and educational works, to humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, and to the mass reading and children's books. With a special strength in languages and deep understanding of Chinese and other cultures, FLTRP is well positioned to tell China stories to the world.