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Hong Kong Lantau Island Anti-Japanese Guerrilla
ISBN: 9787546222189 | Publisher: Guangzhou Publishing House

Chinese Traditional Instrumental Music
ISBN: 9787810967266 | Publisher: Central Conservatory of Music Press
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Cultural China Series: Chinese Characters
ISBN: 9787508533759 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Series: Cultural China Series

HSK Vocabulary Master (2nd Edition) Level 1-4
ISBN: 9787513572965 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Series: HSK Class Series
• Providing rich sample sentences and analyses of HSK key test points. • With vocabulary exercises at the end of every unit which take the...

Masters on Masterpieces of Chinese Painting
ISBN: 9787508533209 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Series: A Classic Chinese Reader

Masters on Masterpieces of Song Lyrics
ISBN: 9787508533193 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Series: A Classic Chinese Reader

Coloring Book: Chinese Beauty
ISBN: 7550261121, 9787550261129 | Publisher: Beijing United Press | Series: Coloring Book

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
ISBN: 9787117187268 | Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House | Series: International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine
The Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine is an international collaboration of Chinese medicine experts from both China and the west, and co-written by an...

Scrape Painting Book: Blue-and-white
ISBN: 9787508655529 | Publisher: China CITIC Press

New Chinese Proficiency Test [HSK] Vocabulary Workbook 3 (Vocabulary of Level I and II included)
ISBN: 9787301217351 | Publisher: Peking University Press
This book collects 1035 entries altogether, including 600 words from the Syllabus of New HSK Level 3 (Vocabulary), and 423 extended words. Each entry...