Elementary Spoken Chinese 2 (3rd Edition)

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Author: Dai Guifu; Liu Lixin; Li Haiyan;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 279
Publication Date: 09/2014
ISBN: 9787301247129
Publisher: Peking University Press
Series: Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition)
Based on the second edition, Spoken Chinese of Elementary Level updates some topics in accordance with the current social situations. The language is more vivid and the content better reflects the contemporary times. The book rectifies some errors and indecent explanations in the original edition, which makes it better for teaching and self-learning. Besides, the book also makes some adjustments on exercises, which is more suitable for oral training.
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Sample pages of Elementary Spoken Chinese 2 (3rd Edition) (ISBN:9787301247129)
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Elementary Spoken Chinese 2 (3rd Edition)