Electrical and Electronic Circuits

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Table of Contents
Part One Electrical Circuits
Chapter 1 Main Circuit Elements
1.1 Power Sources
1.2 Resistors
1.3 Capacitors
1.4 Inductors
Chapter 2 Circuit Analysis Bases
2.1 Kirchhoff's Laws
2.2 Voltage Division and Current Division
2.3 Resistors Wye-Delta Transformation
2.4 Sources Transformation
2.5 Maximum Power Transfer
Chapter 3 Circuit Analysis Techniques
3.1 Superposition Principle
3.2 Thevenin's Theorem
3.3 Norton's Theorem
3.4 Nodal Voltage Analysis
3.5 Mesh Current Analysis
3.6 Branch Current Analysis
Chapter 4 First-order Transient rcuits
4.1 First-order RC Circuit
4.2 First-order RL Circuit
Chapter 5 Sinusoidal AC Circuits
5.1 Sinusoidal Voltage and Current
5.2 Voltage-Current Relationship for Sinusoidal Circuit Elements
5.3 Complex Impedances
5.4 Sinusoidal Circuit Analysis with Phasors and Complex Impedances
5.5 Power in Sinusoidal AC Circuit
5.6 Power Factor and its Correction
Chapter 6 Three-Phase Sinusoidal AC Circuits
6.1 Balanced Three-Phase Voltage Source
6.2 Balanced Three-Phase Circuits

Part Two Analog Circuits
Chapter 7 Diodes and Diode Application Circuits
7.1 Diodes Structure and Characteristic
7.2 Diode Equivalent Models
7.3 Diode Application Circuits
7.4 Special Purpose Diodes
Chapter 8 Transistors and Transistor Amplifiers
8.1 Transistors Structure and Characteristics
8.2 Transistor Amplifiers
8.3 Distortion Analysis
Chapter 9 Operational Amplifiers
9.1 Ideal Operational Amplifiers
9. 2Ideal Operational Amplifier Linear Application Circuits

Part Three Digital Circuits
Chapter 10 Number Systems and Boolean Algebra
10.1 Number Systems
10.2 Boolean Algebra
10.3 Boolean Expression Reduction
Chapter 11 Logic Gates and Combinatorial Logic Circuits
11.1 Logic Gates
11.2 Combinatorial Logic Circuit Analysis
11.3 Combinatorial Logic Circuit Design
Chapter 12 Flip-flops and Sequential Logic Circuits
12.1 Flip-flops
12.2 Sequential Logic Circuit Analysis
12.3 Sequential Logic Circuit Design
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Sample pages of Electrical and Electronic Circuits (ISBN:9787547831748)Sample pages of Electrical and Electronic Circuits (ISBN:9787547831748)Sample pages of Electrical and Electronic Circuits (ISBN:9787547831748)Sample pages of Electrical and Electronic Circuits (ISBN:9787547831748)
Electrical and Electronic Circuits