Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids (4b) Word Cards

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Author: Ma Yamin; Li Xinying;
Format: Paper
Page: 94
Publication Date: 07/2013
ISBN: 9787561935880
Usage Advice: To be used together with Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids Textbook 4b

Level: Elementary

This is Word Cards volume supporting Textbook 4b, and is suitable for teachers to use in the classroom. Each card has a word on one side and the pinyin of the word on the other.

About the Author
Ms. Yamin Ma, with a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature and a master's degree in Education, is now teaching Chinese in an international school in Hong Kong. Ms. Ma has many years' experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and knows well about the AP Chinese Program in the US and the IB Chinese Test in Europe.
Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids (4b) Word Cards