Daxing District, Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2010

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"Statistical Yearbook of Daxing District, Beijing" is a continuous annual statistics published by a large number of statistical data, detailed reflection of the Daxing District in 2009 changes in national economic and social development, is the public understanding of Tai Hing, Tai Hing understanding important information tool. This information is brought together a large number of statistical indicators of information in the Statistical Yearbook of each year based on the reference index system of the existing statistical system, with Daxing District, Eleventh Five Year Plan and the community needs, the Daxing day, the region's social and economic activities per capita economic and social development indicators of performance evaluation is primarily the completion of the Beijing suburb (s) and Daxing part of the information surrounding the situation, and districts, cities, countries, and the District Statistical Bulletin 2009 government work report, included as an appendix to this information for reference, and enriched. This information is divided into three parts, first is a statistical map, the image reflects the Daxing District of social change and economic development contrast with the situation in rural counties; second is the interpretation of statistics and indicators, including integrated, energy consumption, finance and taxation, population, investment in fixed assets and real estate development, rural and agricultural, industrial, construction, transportation, storage, wholesale and retail trade and insurance industry, services, foreign trade, labor and wages, living, culture and education Health and physical education, social utility, social welfare and other Law, the Beijing suburbs (County) and surrounding circumstances in Daxing, a total of 18 sub-projects, sub-headings is attached to the main statistical indicators related to interpretation of data involved in the editing of the main socio-economic indicators definition, diameter range, formula, etc.; third is the appendices, including Daxing District, Beijing Municipality and the National Statistical Bulletin 2009. The information in this book mainly from the annual statistical report; "living" data from a sample survey; reflect the information on the development of other 0 from the corresponding sub-functions. Explanation of symbols: "space" indicates unknown or no information, "one" small enough that the digital bits, "#" indicates. This work has been published information support and assistance of relevant departments, to express my heartfelt thanks.
Daxing District, Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2010