Chinese Traditional Culture Comic - Great Learning - The Middle Path - The Analacts of Confucius

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Table of Contents
大学 Great Learning 1
大学之道 Three General Headings 3
知止而后有定 From Abidance to Attainment 4
物有本末 Roots and Branches 5
八目 The Eight Particulars 6
物格而后知至 First to Last 8
修身为本 Self-cultivation 10

传 The Commentaries 11
传一 释明明德 Commentary Ⅰ On Expressing Clear Virtue 12
传二 释新民 CommentaryⅡOn Renewing the People 13
传三 释止于至善 Commentary Ⅲ On Abiding in Perfect Goodness 14
传四 释本末 Commentary Ⅳ On Roots and Branches 20
传五 释格物致知 Commentary Ⅴ On Investigating Things and Extending Understanding 21
传六 释诚意 Commentary Ⅵ On Making Intentions Sincere 24
传七 释正心修身 Commentary Ⅶ On Ordering the Mind and Cultivating the Self 27
传八 释修身齐家 Commentary Ⅷ On Cultivating the Self and Regulating the Family 29
传九 释齐家治国 Commentary Ⅸ On Regulating the Family and Governing the Country 31
传十 释治国平天下 Commentary Ⅹ On Governing the Country and Bringing Peace to the Land 38

附录?延伸阅读 APPENDIX Further reading 58

中庸 The Middle Path 63
中庸 Zhuxi’s Preface 64
天命之谓性 Moderation and Harmony 65?
君子中庸,小人反中庸 The Gentleman and the Lesser Man 68
中庸其至矣乎,民鲜能久矣 Long Absent 69
道之不行 Following the Way 70
道其不行矣夫 Failure of the World 71
舜其大知也与 Shun 72
人皆曰予知 Wise People Practice What They Know 73
颜回择乎中庸 Yan Hui Chooses the Middle Path 74
中庸不可能 Impossible 75
子路问“强” True Strength 76
素隐行怪,吾弗为之 Confucius Wouldn’t Do That 78
君子之道,费而隐 The Simple-Minded Couple 79
君子以人治人 The Axe Handle 80
君子素其位而行 Acting the Part 84
君子居易以俟命 Fate 86
宜尔室家 The Family 88
鬼神之为德 Gods and Spirits 90
舜其大孝 Greatest Filial Virtue 92
无忧者,其唯文王 King Wen 95
孝之至 Perfect Filial Virtue 96
为政在人 Good Government 99
仁者 Benevolence Is Human 101
五伦 The Five Relationships 102
学而知之 An Ordinary Genius 103
三达德 The Three Qualities 104
九经 The Nine Steps 105
Chinese Traditional Culture Comic - Great Learning - The Middle Path - The Analacts of Confucius