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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1痛苦 tòng tong4 ku3pain; suffering; painful; Classifiers:
2 tòngtong4ache; pain; sorrow; deeply; thoroughly
3痛快 tòng kuàitong4 kuai4delighted; to one's heart's content; straightforward; also pr. [tong4 kuai5]
4痛哭 tòng tong4 ku1to cry bitterly
5痛心 tòng xīntong4 xin1grieved; pained
6痛恨 tòng hèntong4 hen4to detest; to loathe; to abhor
7痛恶 痛惡 tòng tong4 wu4to detest; to abhor
8痛抱丧明 痛抱喪明 tòng bào sàng míngtong4 bao4 sang4 ming2mourning for the death of one's son (idiom)
9痛砭 tòng biāntong4 bian1to strongly criticize
10痛砭时弊 痛砭時弊 tòng biān shí tong4 bian1 shi2 bi4to strongly criticize the evils of the day
11痛扁 tòng biǎntong4 bian3to beat (sb) up
12痛不欲生 tòng shēngtong4 bu4 yu4 sheng1to be so in pain as to not want to live; to be so grieved as to wish one were dead
13痛彻肺腑 痛徹肺腑 tòng chè fèi tong4 che4 fei4 fu3to touch sb. to the heart (idiom)
14痛彻心肝 痛徹心肝 tòng chè xīn gāntong4 che4 xin1 gan1deep grief (idiom)
15痛斥 tòng chìtong4 chi4to criticize harshly; to denounce; to attack viciously
16痛斥谬论 痛斥謬論 tòng chì miù lùntong4 chi4 miu4 lun4to sharply denounce a fallacy (idiom)
17痛楚 tòng chǔtong4 chu3pain; anguish; suffering
18痛处 痛處 tòng chùtong4 chu4sore spot; place that hurts
19痛打 tòng tong4 da3to beat sb soundly
20痛定思痛 tòng dìng tòngtong4 ding4 si1 tong4to think of the pain when the pain is gone (idiom); to ponder about a painful experience
21痛风 痛風 tòng fēngtong4 feng1gout
22痛改前非 tòng gǎi qián fēitong4 gai3 qian2 fei1completely correcting one's former misdeeds (idiom); to repent past mistakes and turn over a new leaf; a reformed character
23痛感 tòng gǎntong4 gan3to feel deeply; acute suffering
24痛悔前非 tòng huǐ qián fēitong4 hui3 qian2 fei1to deeply regret one's past mistakes (idiom)
25痛击 痛擊 tòng tong4 ji1to deliver a punishing attack; to deal a heavy blow
26痛经 痛經 tòng jīngtong4 jing1menstrual pain; dysmenorrhea
27痛哭流涕 tòng liú tong4 ku1 liu2 ti4weeping bitter tears
28痛快淋漓 tòng kuài lín tong4 kuai4 lin2 li2joyous; hearty; spirited; (of commentary) trenchant; incisive
29痛快利索 tòng kuai suotong4 kuai5 li4 suo5joyful; carefree (idiom)
30痛骂 痛罵 tòng tong4 ma4to bawl out; to reprimand severely
31痛批 tòng tong4 pi1to severely criticize
32痛失 tòng shītong4 shi1to suffer the painful loss of (a loved one etc); to miss out on (an opportunity); to fail to gain (victory etc)
33痛痛快快 tòng tong kuài kuàitong4 tong5 kuai4 kuai4immediately; without a moment's hesitation; with alacrity; firing from the hip
34痛惜 tòng tong4 xi1to lament
35痛心疾首 tòng xīn shǒutong4 xin1 ji2 shou3bitter and hateful (idiom); to grieve and lament (over sth)
36痛性痉挛 痛性痙攣 tòng xìng jìng luántong4 xing4 jing4 luan2(muscle) cramp
37痛痒 痛癢 tòng yǎngtong4 yang3pain and itch; sufferings; importance; consequence
38痛饮 痛飲 tòng yǐntong4 yin3to drink one's fill

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