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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1戏曲 戲曲 xi4 qu3Chinese opera
2 xi4trick; drama; play; show; Classifiers: , , ; variant of
3戏剧 戲劇 xi4 ju4drama; play; theater
4戏剧性 戲劇性 xìngxi4 ju4 xing4dramatic
5戏台 戲臺 táixi4 tai2stage
6戏称 戲稱 chēngxi4 cheng1to jokingly call; jocular appellation
7戏词 戲詞 xi4 ci2actor's lines (in theater)
8戏法 戲法 xi4 fa3magic trick
9戏仿 戲仿 fǎngxi4 fang3a parody; to parody
10戏份 戲份 fènxi4 fen4scene (in a movie etc); one's part in a movie or play; (archaic) actor's payment
11戏剧化 戲劇化 huàxi4 ju4 hua4theatrical
12戏剧化人格违常 戲劇化人格違常 huà rén wéi chángxi4 ju4 hua4 ren2 ge2 wei2 chang2histrionic personality disorder (HPD)
13戏剧家 戲劇家 jiāxi4 ju4 jia1dramatist; playwright
14戏码 戲碼 xi4 ma3item (on a program)
15戏弄 戲弄 nòngxi4 nong4to play tricks on; to make fun of; to tease
16戏票 戲票 piàoxi4 piao4(theater etc) ticket
17戏耍 戲耍 shuǎxi4 shua3to amuse oneself; to play with; to tease
18戏说 戲說 shuōxi4 shuo1dramatic form consisting of historical narration; history as jocular narrative; to stretch history for a joking story; amusing story with strained interpretations of history; to make an unreasonable comparison in jest
19戏说剧 戲說劇 shuō xi4 shuo1 ju4period costume drama (on TV)
20戏侮 戲侮 xi4 wu3to insult
21戏谑 戲謔 xuèxi4 xue4to banter; to crack jokes; to ridicule
22戏言 戲言 yánxi4 yan2joking matter; to go back on one's words
23戏眼 戲眼 yǎnxi4 yan3the best part (of a play etc)
24戏院 戲院 yuànxi4 yuan4theater
25戏子 戲子 zixi4 zi5(derog.) opera singer; actor
26戏精 戲精 jīngxi4 jing1(neologism c. 2017) melodramatic person; drama queen
27戏偶 戲偶 ǒuxi4 ou3glove puppet; Classifiers:

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