Chinese Classics: Amazing Tales

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Er Pai refers to two collections of short stories,each containing 40 pieces. Its writer was Ling Mengchu. The stories of the book came from various sources and were refined and polished by the writer. In subject matter, the book sets its attack against the social evils and malpractices in the background of the social customs. Therefore,it relays a sharp and strong sense of social criticism. Many of the pieces of the book display brilliant characteristics of the time. Some of the stories about love and marriage advocate the concept of equality between men and women ; some depicting,from a positive point of view, the commercial activities of the townspeople of the Ming Dynasty reflect the merchants' desire for profit making and building up wealth. The language of the stories is simple and natural,its narration lively and moving.

This book is edited and translated by the famous translator Wang Guozhen, to introduce Amazing Tales to the foreign readers.
Table of Contents
Tale 1
Turtle Shell Makes a Persian Man Rich
Tale 2
Husband Dumped to Help One’s Lookalike “Twin” to Find Love
Tale 3
Brag One’s Prowess until He Comes Cross Heroic Men
Tale 4
Swordswoman Paid in Yungang
Tale 5
Tiger Helps One Marry as Scheduled
Tale 6
Scholar Takes Revenge for Wife Drugged and Procured by the Nun
Tale 7
Tang Emperor Xuanzong’s Consort Wu Upholds Buddhism and Beats Heretics
Tale 8
Meal Paid with Help to Reunite with His Wife
Tale 9
Predestined Marriage Renewed after Swing Party
Tale 10
Talent Helps Betrothed Man Saved His Marriage
Tale 11
Evil Boatman Accused of Murder
Tale 12
Jiang Zhenqing Blessed to Get a Wife
Tale 13
Zhao Liulao Killed by his Spoiled Son
Tale 14
Poverty-stricken Yang Hua’s Soul Returns to Seek Relief
Tale 15
Scholar Chen Manages to Get Back his Lost Properties
Tale 16
Lu Huiniang Remarries to Escape a Trap
Tale 17
Taoist Priest Huang Seduces Wu Leading to Deaths
Tale 18
A Pill-Making Addict Falls into the Honey Trap
Tale 19
Riddles Solved to Help Catch Killers
Tale 20
Blank Letter Help Gets Two Children
Tale 21
Title of Nobility Inherited Through One’s Merits
Tale 22
Prefectural Governor Serves as a Punter when the Good Luck is Over
Tale 23
Sick Sister-in-Law Recovers to Continue the Foreordained Relationship
Tale 24
People Join Hands to Kill Enchanter
Tale 25
Xiaojuan Gets Happiness with Poems
Tale 26
Lawsuit Settled under the Guise of Heaven’s Assistants
Tale 27
Enjoying a Lotus Painting by Chance
Tale 28
Venerable Man Realized His Predecessor as the Master of the Yuxu Cave
Tale 29
Burst into the Jail to Report the News of Victory
Tale 30
Envoy Demonstrates Power and Military Officer Suffers a Wrong
Tale 31
Robber Killed under Guise of a Robber
Tale 32
Game of Exchanging Wives Ends after Getting Sick
Tale 33
Bao Zheng Judges Wisely
Tale 34
True Love Met in the Nunnery by Chance
Tale 35
A Pauper Gets Rich Quickly by Acquiring Filthy Lucre
Tale 36
Robber in Black Rapes and Kills an Innocent Girl
Tale 37
Magistrate Saves His Nephew in the Hell
Tale 38
Dutiful Daughter Manages to Save Her Half-brother
Tale 39
Devotional Magistrate Calls in Timely Rainfall
Tale 40
Three Letters Forecast One’s Destiny
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Sample pages of Chinese Classics: Amazing Tales (ISBN:9787508535234)
Sample pages of Chinese Classics: Amazing Tales (ISBN:9787508535234)
Sample pages of Chinese Classics: Amazing Tales (ISBN:9787508535234)
Sample pages of Chinese Classics: Amazing Tales (ISBN:9787508535234)
Sample pages of Chinese Classics: Amazing Tales (ISBN:9787508535234)

A man’s fame and fortune is meant to be. In history, countless able men failed to get riches and honor, while mediocre minds were lucky enough to gain high rank and matching salary. Anyway, a stupid, lazy man need do nothing but wait for the pennies to drop from Heaven. But will it bring happiness? That’s something we simply don’t know. It’s just common sense that a family may be destined to produce a lazy or bad guy who may unexpectedly turn rich. There was a man named Wen Ruoxu, a real black sheep if ever there was one. He often tried to do business, but never succeeded. He used to sell fans carrying the work of famous calligraphers like Shen Shichu, Wen Hengshan and Zhu Zhishan. But when he came to Beijing in on a sales mission in summer, the humidity ruined his fans, and so he lost his money. Hence, he got a nickname, the unlucky wretch. One day, he followed about 40 other men to go to the sea to seek a living. Before boarding the ship, he bought a basket of oranges to eat on the voyage or to share with others.
Chinese Classics: Amazing Tales