Chinese Characters A Systematic Approach Series 3 books

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Author: Li Dasui;
Language: Chinese & English
Format: 3 Books
Page: 290(Textbook);133(Teacher's Book);62(Workbook)
Publication Date: 06/2005
ISBN: 7802000548(Textbook);7802000564(Teacher'sBook);7802000556(Workbook)
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
It is mainly directed at foreign students of Chinese entering midlevel Chinese language classes. It consists of a set of three books: a Textbook, Teachers' Reference, and a Workbook

The trick to learning characters well is to master this systematic nature. This text exposes, step by step, the system of shape, sound and meaning of Chinese characters, beginning with the most important structural unit: the radical, helping the student to understand these aspects, especially that of meaning. The student can use this text to grasp the concept of "meaning" radicals, "sound" radicals and their respective character groups, thus minimizing the effort required.
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Chinese Characters A Systematic Approach Series 3 books