Chinese Ancient Love Stories: The Peach Blossom Fan (English-Chinese)

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Love is an eternal theme. Since ancient times the arts the world over have sung its praises and love stories make up a vast body of literature. Many of them are excellent, portraying spirited and worthy characters, lofty ideals, and the love shared by men and women. They allow readers to renew their souls, life their spirits and appreciate the meaning and value of life. Readers are inspired to lead a more fulfiling life.
Table of Contents
第一章 流寓南京  Chapter One  Hou Stays in Nanjing
第二章 访柳听书  Chapter Two  Visit to a Storyteller
第三章 命名香君  Chapter Three  Li's Adopted Daughter
第四章 众士斥阮  Chapter Four  Scholars Denounce Ruan
第五章 借戏图进  Chapter Five  Ruan Tries to Return
第六章 赠奁结纳  Chapter Six  Ruan Presents Dowries to Hou
第七章 侯李初会  Chapter Seven  Hou Meets Xiangjun
第八章 定情之夕  Chapter Eignt  Hou Marries Xiangjun
第九章 却奁斥奸  Chapter Nine  Xiangjun Denounces Ruan
第十章 端阳游船  Chapter Ten  The Dragon Boat Festival
第十一章  就食南京  Chapter Eleven  Zuo Threatens Nanjing
第十二章  修书劝左  Chapter Twelve  Hou Writes to Zuo
第十三章  慷慨投书  Chapter Thirteen  Liu Delivers the Letter
第十四章  馋言陷侯  Chapter Fourteen  Ruan Frames Hou
第十五章  武昌惊变  Chapter Fifteen  Changed Situation Shocks Zuo
第十六章  拥立邀功  Chapter Sixtten  Ma Supports Prince Fu
第十七章  四镇争位  Chapter Seventeen  Four Generals Compete
第十八章  守楼待侯  Chapter Eighteen  Yearning for Hou
第十九章  媚上压下  Chapter Nineteen  Seeking Favor and Abusing Power
第二十章  将李代桃  Chapter Twenty  Zhenli Stands in for Xiangjun
第二十一章  画扇寄扇  Chapter Twenty-One  Painting a Fan
第二十二章  香君骂筵  Chapter Twenty-Two  Xiangjun Speaks Her Mind
第二十三章  君荒臣嬉  Chapter Twenty-Three  Absurd King and Happy Officials
第二十四章  巧遇河船  Chapter Twenty-Four  Meeting in a Boat
第二十五章  访旧被逮  Chapter Twenty-Five  Arrested While Visiting Friends
第二十六章  审案弃官  Chapter Twenty-Six  A Trial and a Resignation
第二十七章  武昌求救  Chapter Twenty-Seven  Seeking Help in Wuchang
第二十八章  左兵东下  Chapter Twenty-Eight  Zuo's Army Goes East
第二十九章  南都大乱  Chapter Twenty-Nine  Nanjing in Disorder
第三十章  弘光复亡  Chapter Thirty  Collapse of the Emperor
第三十一章  栖真入道  Chapter Thirty-One  Entering the Priesthood
第三十二章  深山搜隐  Chapter Thirty-Two  Search for the Hermits
Chinese Ancient Love Stories: The Peach Blossom Fan (English-Chinese)