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True Colour of Dunhuang: Hidden Stories of Murals
ISBN: 9787503247514 | Published on 01/2014

DaoCheng Yading: Story of Shangri-La
ISBN: 9787503248405 | Published on 11/2013
Editor's Recommendation These “images” surely reflect true to some extent the awakening of local businesses and people in the sense of commodity...

A Guide to Hangzhou
ISBN: 9787503246197, 7503246197 | Published on 01/2013
杭州的山水名胜、文物古迹、寺庙园林、风物人情、市井民俗奇魅无比,每年吸引着无数来自世界各地的旅游者。本书翔实、准确、生动地介绍杭州和杭州的旅游景点。 本书可作为杭州各高校的旅游或英语专业的在校师生的教学参考。本书语言通俗易懂,朗朗上口,内容易于记诵。

China Hotel Industry Study 2012 (for Financial Year 2011)
ISBN: 978750244858 | Published on 07/2012 | Series: China Hotel Industry Study
Tenth Anniversary, "2012 China Hotel Industry" again to create a new watershed, received the full support of the 719 hotel, study rooms...

Things Chinese
ISBN: 9787503235009 | Published on 07/2008 | Reviews:
Entering the new century the china travel&tourism press decided to do a revised edition with more illustrations to give the book an entirely new...

Beijing Tourism Manual
ISBN: 9787503234842 | Published on 07/2008
Beijing Tourism Manual is a comprehensive English guide for travels in Beijing. This book not only includes the primary historic tourist attractions,...

Voyager en Chine Patrimoine Touristique Culturel
ISBN: 9787503231667 | Published on 01/2008
Ce guide est destine aux touristes ffancophones desireux de decouvrir le coeur de la Chine ainsi qu’aux amoureux de ce pays fascinant.Il se...

Treasures of China
ISBN: 7503229209,9787503229206 | Published on 01/2007
About Author Du Feibao was assigned to work in the National Tourism Administration of China upon graduation from the French Department of the...

Spectacular China
ISBN: 9787503214279 | Published on 01/1999
China is one of the largest countries in the world, with 5000 years of history. The spectacular diversity and astounding beauty of China's landscape...

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