China Statistical Yearbook for Land and Resources 2010

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Language: Chinese
Publication Date: 06/2011
Publisher: Geological Press
First, the "China Statistical Yearbook of Land Resources 2010" is a fully reflect the situation and the People's Republic of land resources administration and management of land resources information of the yearbook. Book is a collection of national and provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities in 2008 the administration of land and resources and all aspects of a large number of statistics, and eight years since 2001, key statistical data of land and resources.
Second, the "China Statistical Yearbook of Land Resources 2010" The Statistical Yearbook of the scope of the national land resources, mineral resources, marine resources, land resources survey, exploration, national, provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities), city (prefecture) and county levels Land resources administration departments of land resources, mineral resources, administration and the state administrative management of marine resources, land resources and land surveying and mapping scientific and technological research.
Third, the Yearbook of land resources information including an overview of land resources survey, land resources development and utilization of land resources administration, land resources, scientific and technological research, mapping and other data of seven parts. After each chapter the main land and resources with a comprehensive explanation of statistical indicators, the main land and resources of the meaning of comprehensive statistical indicators, statistics, statistical, computational methods such as a brief description of O
Fourth, the Yearbook data comes mainly from the Ministry of Land, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) the administrative units of land and resources, the State Oceanic Administration, State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, China Geological Survey Bureau, China Land Surveying and Planning Institute, Ministry of Land and Information Centre China Geological environmental Monitoring Institute and exploration around the unit in charge of land and resources reported by the General Statistics Annual Report.
Fifth, the yearbook of the national statistics do not include Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan Province
Sixth, some information relative to the total number or the number due to rounding effects, does not necessarily mean a breakdown of cumulative.
Seven, the Yearbook of the table, the table of all comments are in the table above, some indicators in the table comments in the table below. Where the renewal form with information on some indicators of the notes shall be added in the last one under the table
Eight, the Yearbook of the symbol table for use "space" indicates that the statistical indicators of the information or no information available;
① "said the note under the table.
China Statistical Yearbook for Land and Resources 2010