Tibet Statistical Yearbook 2014 (with CD-ROM)

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First, the "Tibet Statistical Yearbook" (2014) is a highly information-intensive information tool. This book contains the 2013 statistics on economic and social development and other aspects of the Tibet Autonomous Region, as well as key statistics for each period since the peaceful liberation of Tibet, the Tibetan people of all circles at home and abroad to understand, recognize important information tool Tibet.

Second, the book is divided into 18 table of contents, namely 1. Administrative Divisions and Natural Resources; 2. Comprehensive; 3. Population, Employment and Wages; 4. Fixed asset investment; 5. Financial; 6. Price; 7 peoples. life; 8 agriculture; 9 industry;.. 10 construction; 11 transport and Posts; 12 domestic trade; 13 Foreign Economic Trade and Tourism; 14 finance and insurance; 15 education, science and culture; 16. health, sports and environmental protection; 17 counties (districts, cities) Key statistics;.. 18 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) statistics. In order to facilitate the proper use of the information the reader, at the end of the book is accompanied by Main Statistical Indicators.

Third, the yearbook of the total index is calculated according to the current price of the year. Tibet's GDP and various industrial added value of agricultural GDP, industrial output index and the growth rates are calculated at comparable prices.

Fourth, some of the data in this yearbook totals due to rounding or the relative number of different calculation errors have not been produced by mechanical adjustments.

Fifth, the yearbook of statistics on the previous re-verified, adjust the portion of the data. Readers in the use of historical data, where the discrepancies with the yearbook, are subject to the yearbook.

Sixth, the yearbook symbols for use: "..." indicates lack of data in this table are the minimum number of units; "space" indicates that the statistical indicators unknown or no data; "#" indicates the major items.

Seven units of measurement used in the internationally standard measurement units.

Eight, the book is bilingual, with an electronic version of the disc.

Nine, "Tibet Statistical Yearbook" published since, by the readers of care and support at home and abroad, for the yearbook editorial content and made ​​many valuable suggestions, and the strong support zone directly relevant departments and units, which we grateful. Limited to our level, invite readers to continue to give inadequacies Yearbook criticism and correction, help us to further improve the work of the yearbook editor, so that we can better serve our readers.
Tibet Statistical Yearbook 2014 (with CD-ROM)