Tibet Statistical Yearbook 2017

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"Tibet Statistical Yearbook 2017" is a highly informative information tool. This book contains statistics on the economic and social development of the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2016 and the main statistical data of various periods since the peaceful liberation of Tibet. It is an important information tool for people from all walks of life at home and abroad to understand Tibet and understand Tibet.
"Tibet Statistical Yearbook 2017" book content is divided into 18 articles, namely 1. Administrative divisions and natural resources; 2. Comprehensive; 3. Population, employees and workers wages; 4. Fixed assets investment; 5. Finance; ; 7. People's lives; 8. agriculture; 9. industry; 10. construction industry; 11 transport and post and telecommunications; 12. domestic trade; 13. foreign economic trade and tourism; 14. finance and insurance; Culture; 16. Health, sports and environmental protection; 17. County (district, city) main statistical information; 18. National provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) statistics. In order to facilitate the proper use of information readers, the book also accompanied by the main statistical indicators to explain.
Tibet Statistical Yearbook 2017