China Statistical Yearbook for Land and Resources 2015

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Language: Chinese
Publication Date: 12/2015
ISBN: 9787116096110
Publisher: Geological Press
"China Land and Resources Statistical Yearbook 2015" is a comprehensive reflection of Land and Resources and the People's Republic of China Land and Resources Administration circumstances informative yearbook. This book contains national and provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities) in 2014 and the administration of land and resources in all aspects of a large number of statistical data, and since 2012, three years of Land and Resources key statistics.<br/>
"China Land and Resources Statistical Yearbook 2015," the statistics cover the national land resources, mineral resources, marine resources, land resources surveying, mapping, national, provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities), city (prefecture) and county levels Homeland administrative department resources land resources, mineral resources administration and the State administration of marine resources, land resources surveying and mapping science and technology research and homeland.<br/>
"China Land and Resources Statistics Yearbook 2015" information includes an overview of land resources survey, exploration, land development and utilization of resources, land resources administration, land resource science and technology research, mapping and other data. After each chapter with Main Statistical Indicators, a brief description of the meaning of integrated land and resources of the main statistical indicators, statistical coverage, statistical calculation methods.<br/>
"China Land and Resources Statistics Yearbook 2015" information comes mainly from the Ministry of Land, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Land administrative unit in charge of resources, the State Oceanic Administration, National Mapping Geographic Information Bureau, China Geological Survey Bureau, the China Land Surveying and Planning Institute, Land and resources information Center, China geological environmental monitoring Institute and the unit in charge of land and resources around the survey reported the General statistics Annual Report. Some data from "China Statistical Yearbook."<br/>
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China Statistical Yearbook for Land and Resources 2015