China Statistical Abstract 2017

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"China Statistical Abstract 2017," is an annual comprehensive statistical data to reflect the simplicity of our national economy and social development and editing. "China Statistical Abstract 2017," a collection 2016 main indicators of socio-economic data, and briefly shows the historical data since 1978. Including comprehensive, population, national accounts, employment and wages, prices, people's life, finance, environment and energy resources, fixed asset investment, foreign trade and foreign investment, agriculture, industry, construction, retail and tourism, transport and telecommunications, finance, science and technology and education, health, social services, culture and sports, Hong Kong and Macao Special administrative Region of the major socio-economic indicators, the main socio-economic indicators, Taiwan Province, the major international socio-economic indicators and main statistical indicators.<br/>
"China Statistical Abstract 2017," to ensure the publication of the book Aging, part of the book in 2016 data are preliminary statistics, official data later published "China Statistical Yearbook 2017" shall prevail.<br/>
"China Statistical Abstract 2017," national statistical indicators involved in the book, unless otherwise specified, do not include Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan Province.<br/>
"China Statistical Abstract 2017," and the Macao Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong Special Administrative statistics form part of the overall national statistics. However, according to the relevant principles of People's Republic of China, "the Hong Kong SAR Basic Law" and "Macao Special Administrative Region Basic Law," the Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland is relatively independent of the statistical area, according to their different statistical systems and legal provisions, independent statistics. Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region book and statistics are provided by the Statistics Department of the HKSAR Government, the Macao Special Administrative Region Statistics and Census Service, the National Bureau of editing.
Table of Contents
A comprehensive
REGION Administrative Division 1
BY SECTOR Corporate Units 3
REGION BY THREE INDUSTRIES legal unit number 4
REGION BY SECTOR Corporate Units 5
Of the total national economic and social development indicators 8
Economic and social development speed indicator 10
Economic and social development indicators structure 12
East, West, Northeast Region 13 major economic indicators
Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Economic Belt major economic and social development indicators 15
Second, population
Population 16
Birth rate, death rate and natural growth rate, population density and the proportion of urban population 17
The average life expectancy of 18
Population age structure and dependency ratio 18
Sub-region at the end of the resident population 19
The urban proportion of the population by Region 20
Third, national accounts
GNI and GDP 21
Composition of GDP 23
GDP index 24
GDP growth in the contribution rate of the three industries and stimulating 28
GDP 29
GDP index 30
Per capita GDP 31
Per capita GDP index 32
GDP and Growth Rate 33
GDP expenditure approach 35
GDP expenditure approach mainly composed of 36 items
Composition of GDP by expenditure approach 37
Three Components of GDP growth rate and pulling 38
Consumer level 39
Fourth, employment and wages
Employment and urban registered unemployment 40
Employed Persons by urban and rural areas 41
Total employees in urban units and wage index 43
Employees in urban units average wage index and 44
Employees in urban units average real wage index 45
Fifth, price
Various price indices 46
Various fixed base price index 47
Consumer Price Index 48
Consumer Price Index by Region 49
REGION consumer price index 50
Retail Price Index 51
REGION agricultural production price index 52
Agricultural producer price index 53
Subregional agricultural producer price index 54
Industrial producer price index 55
Industrial producer price index 55
By Sector 56 industrial producer price index
Investment in fixed assets price index 57
Construction and installation prices 57
Investment in Fixed Assets by Region 58 prices
Six people's lives
Per capita disposable income of 59
60 residents per capita consumption expenditure
Press quintile residents per capita disposable income of 61 packets
Residents end of Durable Consumer Goods 62
Urban and rural residents per capita income and index 63
All residents per capita disposable income by region 64
All residents per capita consumption expenditure by Region 65
Urban residents per capita disposable income by Region 66
Urban residents per capita consumption expenditure by Region 67
Rural residents per capita disposable income by region 68
Rural residents per capita consumption expenditure by Region 69
Rural poverty 70
In seven, finance
General public expenditure and the total budget index 7l
General budget of the central and local public expenditure 72
General public budget revenue and expenditure and balance of government bonds 73
General public budget revenue by region 74
REGION general public budget expenditure 75
Eight, environment and energy resources
Basic profile 76 Protection
Total energy production and constitute 77
Total energy consumption and 78 constitute
Energy production and consumption growth rate of 79
Energy production elasticity coefficient 80
Elasticity of energy consumption 81
Electricity Consumption by Region 82
Overall Energy Balance Sheet 83
Power generation capacity 84
Nine, fixed asset investment
Total fixed asset investment 85
Total fixed asset investment in the actual funds 86
By component and sub-affiliation of total fixed asset investment 87
By Sector total fixed asset investment and constitute 88
REGION total fixed asset investment 89
The whole area of ​​social housing construction 90
Investment in Residential Buildings 91
Investment in Fixed Assets by Sector 92
Investment in Fixed Assets by Region 94
95 main indicators of real estate development enterprises
REGION real estate investment and housing construction, completion of the area 96
REGION real estate development companies, real estate sales and sales 97
REGION real estate development enterprise land acquisition area and the auction price of 98
Ten, foreign trade and foreign investment
Total import and export of goods 99
Imports and Exports Classification Amount 100
The total import and export of goods by Region (by business unit is located minutes) 101
The total import and export sub-region (according to the territory of destination, to supply points) 102
Sub-regional exports and imports of goods 103
REGION total foreign-invested enterprises import and export 104
The total export of goods (by major country and region) 105
FDI actually used amount (by major country and region) 105
The actual use of foreign investment 106
Foreign Economic Cooperation 107
XI, Agriculture
Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery 108
Agricultural Output Index 109
REGION Agricultural Output and Growth Rate of 110
The total power of agricultural machinery, irrigation area of ​​farmland and fertilizer application rate 111
The main crop acreage and the proportion of 112
Major Agricultural Products 113
Major Forest Products 117
118 output of aquatic products
Livestock production 120
Area of ​​Major Farm Products 121
Crops affected disaster area and 123
Twelve, industrial
Industrial enterprises above designated size industrial added value growth rate of 124
Industrial enterprises above designated size main economic indicators 125
REGION-scale industrial enterprises the main economic indicators 126
Major Industrial Products 128
Area of ​​Major Industrial Products 134
XIII, Construction
Construction Enterprises 136
Completion of Construction Enterprises 136
REGION construction output and housing construction area of ​​137
The main benefits of the construction sub-regional indicators 138
XIV, retail and tourism
The total retail sales of social consumer goods 139
Retail sales by region 140
141 online retail sales by region
Domestic Tourism 142
Visitors arriving from abroad by country 143
Tourists and international inbound tourism foreign exchange earnings 144
Fifth, Transport and Posts
Various transport line length 145
146 car ownership
Civil Transport Vessels Owned 7
Civil aviation routes and the number of aircraft 148
Passenger Volume 149
Passenger turnover 150
Sub-regional passenger traffic and passenger turnover 151
152 cargo
Cargo turnover 153
Sub-regional freight and cargo turnover 154
Scale coastal main port cargo throughput of 155
Post and telecommunications 156
The number of outlets and post and communications circuitry 158
Posts and telecommunications equipment ownership 159
Post and Telecommunication service level 159
XVI Finance
Money Supply 160
Financial institutions and foreign currency deposits and loans Balance 161
Credit Funds of Financial Institutions 162
Financial institutions Renminbi deposits and loans 163
Social increment financing and structure 164
RMB 165 one-year deposit and lending rates
Financial institutions RMB benchmark deposit rate 166
Financial institutions RMB benchmark lending rate by 166 legal
The average exchange rate of RMB against major currencies in 167
168 gold and foreign exchange reserves
Basic information Stock Market 169
BASIC Insurance 170
Economic and Technical Indicators of Insurance Companies 170
Balance of payments before 171
BoP 172
State foreign debt and foreign debt risk indicators 173
XVII technology and education
The development of science and technology 174
School Number 175
175 Number of full-time teachers
Enrollment Number 176
176 Number of students
177 Number of graduates
The number of graduate students and 178 international students
Student enrollment and graduation rates 179
Schools at all levels of students per 100,000 population Number 180
Eighth, health, social services, culture and sports
The number of medical and health institutions and the number of beds 181
Health Care Institutions 182
Social Services BASIC 183
Cultural heritage INSTITUTIONS 184
World record and won the world championship 185 cases
Ninth, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region of the major socio-economic indicators
The main socio-economic indicators of the Region 186
MSAR major socio-economic indicators 190
XX, Social and Economic Indicators of Taiwan Province
Taiwan Province Major Social and Economic Indicators 192
XXI international major socio-economic indicators
GDP of the world's major countries and regions in per capita GDP and 194
World economic growth in major countries and regions 195
The world's major countries and regions in the consumer price index 196
Employment structure and unemployment in the world's major countries and regions 197
The world's major countries and regions in the import and export trade volume 198
Million dollars of GDP energy consumption 199
China's major economic indicators and major industrial and agricultural products in the world ranking 200
Appendix I
Main Statistical Indicators 201
Appendix II
Main Statistical Indicators HKSAR interpretation 206
Appendix III
Macao Special Administrative Region Main Statistical Indicators 209
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China Statistical Abstract 2017