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The Great Wall Explained
ISBN: 9787508517315 | Published on 06/2012 | Reviews:
Media Recommendation "Through resplendent photographs and imaginative prose this innovative work unfolds the often startling results of twenty...

Intriguing Chinese Culture 1
ISBN: 9787508535432 | Published on 06/2017 | Series: Intriguing Chinese Culture
A generously illustrated series introducing traditional Chinese ideas and beliefs that are still relevant today. The series (Intriguing Chinese...

Selected Poems and Pictures of the Tang Dynasty
ISBN: 9787900900043 | Published on 06/2019 | Series: Chinese Traditional Culture Series
This book comprises 100 poems selected from 300 Tang Poems compiled by Hengtang Tuishi, plus phonetic annotation of Chinese characters and 100...

Choix de Poemes et de Tableaux des Tang
ISBN: 9787508512051 | Published on 01/2008

Sharing the Beauty of China: Selected Lyrics and Paintings of the Song Dynasty
ISBN: 9787508541846 | Published on 07/2019 | Series: Sharing the Beauty of China

Ink-and-Wash Picture Books of Classic Chinese Stories: Jinba the Little Mouse
ISBN: 9787508523743 | Published on 03/2014 | Series: Ink-and-Wash Picture Books of Classic Chinese Stories

Chinese Classics: The Scholars
ISBN: 9787508535272 | Published on 03/2017 | Series: Chinese Classics Stories
The Scholars,authored by Wu Jingzi , creates a capacious and vivid portrayal of the community life of the feudal society and mirrors various filthy...

The Diaoyu Islands
ISBN: 9787508529592 | Published on 11/2014

Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Clothing
ISBN: 9787508540139 | Published on 08/2018 | Series: Sharing the Beauty of China | Reviews:
In the Chinese way of describing the necessities of life, clothing ranks at the top of “clothing, food, shelter and means of travel”,...

Experiencing Chinese Tea Culture
ISBN: 7508521595,9787508521596 | Published on 11/2011 | Reviews:
With a history of processing and drinking tea over thousands of years, China boasts homeland of tea and has a great impact to the whole world. The...

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China Intercontinental Press (CIP) was established in 1993, and now is one of China's leading international publishing companies, producing over 200 new titles per year, most of which are in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and so on. 
​It publishes trade and academic titles in subject areas such as China's arts, culture, literature, philosophy, religion, travel literatures and children books. CIP's mission is to present China, especially the information of Chinese culture, to the world and share the traditional and modern China's essence with both domestic and foreign readers.