China Hotel Industry Study 2015

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"2015 China Hotel Industry" (2014 fiscal year) with the objective and detailed data as we presented the latest developments in the hotel industry: overall market suffered the impact of the five-star hotel, occupancy, average room rates and food and beverage revenues were down; subject demand base is small, fast growth in supply, prices rise space is limited and other factors, most second-tier and third-tier cities to achieve a five-star river GOP (gross operating profit total) were unsatisfactory; four-star overall market suffered from the impact is relatively small, because even get a five-star market and promote the loss of tourists both occupancy and room rates lamb liter, but affected by the decline in food and beverage revenue, GOP declined slightly; three-star market, due to include more samples of the new limited service hotels, is bright touch down market, prices improved significantly and efficient control of Qu present such that the level of market GOP moderate rise. If placed in history, the 2013 should be an important watershed year Chinese hotel industry. Most market entry product homogeneity and oversupply cycle, and measures to make the Central Anti-employed non-market sharp contraction in demand, major changes in market structure forcing hoteliers must break the routine routine to respond to market challenges new thinking in the dark Explore dawn _ Finally, I would like to thank the National Tourism Administration on behalf of the Association, to support and assist the participation of all major hotel groups and 718 questionnaire responses hotel. I wish this publication to be the most effective tool ear!

Table of Contents

2014 China Hotel Industry
   9 Table 1 hotel business summary (2013/2012)
11 Table 2 sector expenditure
17 Table 3 Rooms department
19 Table 4 food and beverage department
21 Table 5 Communication / spa and fitness sector
23 Table 6 other departments
25 Table 7 Unallocated operating expenses
27 Table 8 tourists constitute
29 Table 9 dining Statistics
31 Table 10 Personnel Statistics
35 Table 11 samples constituted Hotel Information
36 Table 12 room types
37 Figure source structure and prices contributions
38 Figure sample constituted Hotel Information
Figure 39 compares the performance indicators in some cities
40 Figure Income and Expenditures
Figure 41 compares the performance of the hotel history
43 Figure hotel boom predicted performance
44 Appendix I. INTRODUCTION China Tourist Hotels Association
45 Appendix II Horwath Company Profile
Explanation of Terms 47 Appendix III
49 hotel performance control self-test table
50 hotel development / transformation of the ideal process

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China Hotel Industry Study 2015