China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2011

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"China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2011" is the National Bureau of Statistics and Department of Environmental Protection and other relevant ministries and co-editor of a complete environment for all areas to reflect the basic situation of China's comprehensive environmental statistics of the annual. This book contains 2010 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in all areas of basic environmental information and the main year the nation's major environmental statistics. The book content is divided into twelve parts, namely 1. Natural conditions; 2 water environment; 3 marine environment; 4 atmospheric environment; 5 solid waste; 6 ecology; 7 land use; 8 forestry; 9 natural disasters and emergencies; 10 environmental investments; 11 urban environment; 12 rural environment. While Appendix six parts: the main target population, resources and environment, "Eleventh Five-Year" key environmental indicators, central and western areas of major environmental indicators, the world's major countries and regions, environmental statistical indicators, the first half of 2010, all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of major pollution matter emissions targets Gazette, main Statistical Indicators.
China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2011