China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2013

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" China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2013 " is a comprehensive basic situation of the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other relevant ministries and co-editor of the completion of a reflection of the environment in all areas of the year . This book contains 2012 basic data of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and key areas of the environment of the National Year of Environment statistics.
" China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2013 " The book is divided into twelve parts, namely: 1. Natural conditions ; 2 . Water environment ; 3. The marine environment ; 4. Atmospheric Environment ; 5. Solid waste ; 6. Ecology ; 7. Land use ; 8. Forestry ; 9. Natural disasters and emergencies ; 10 environmental investments ; 11 urban environment ; 12 rural environment . Appendix while six parts : the main statistical indicators of population , resources and environment , "second five" major environmental indicators , the main environmental indicators eastern Midwest Environmental Indicators world's major countries and regions in the first half of 2013 all provinces , autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the main pollutant emissions indicators bulletin , main Statistical Indicators .
" China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2013 " national statistical indicators covered in this book , in addition to the land area and forest resource data, do not include Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan Province of data ; data obtained from the State Forestry Administration , Mountains directly under management by the State Forestry Administration , and the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in parallel , data and other provinces did not repeat .
China Environment Statistical Yearbook 2013