Best Chinese Children's Literature: The Persian Cat Called Peck

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Author: Gao Hongbo; Wang Quangen;
Language: English
Format: 23 x 16.5 x 1.8 cm
Page: 197
Publication Date: 03/2013
ISBN: 9787511012579
Publisher: Dolphin Book
Series: Best Chinese Children's Literature
This series collects representative works of ten famous Chinese children's literature writers, some of which have won nominations for Hans Christian Andersen Award. All of their works are fairy tales and stories for Chinese children. There are relationshipsbetween love and happiness, reality and fantasy, humans and nature.In these works every child will find his/her own story, which willtell them how to face difficulties, how to hold on to their dreams,and every trouble they might have while growing up. Reading these witty and vibrant stories, you will understand Chinese children and their world of fantasy.
Table of Contents
The Persian Cat Called Peck
A Teardrop
A Cat Wearing Sunglasses
A Fur Scarf
A Kitty and a Stream
A Little Magic Shovel
The Secret of Searching for the Bird Rock
A Fish Lantern
A Bear with a Magic Pen
Tears of a Little Fish
A Rain of Cherries
The Legendary Amphisbaena Serpent Called Shuangshuang
A Flying Hand
A Cockerel
The World in My Imagination
Straw Hats in the Sky
A Little Pond
A Kangaroo Gripsack
In Exchange with Bench Dog
A Beautiful Station Wagon
A Comer Ox
Large Tree Hostel
A Multicolored Bell
A Lazy Game
On the Rainbow Bridge
The Walk of Fame
A Soccer Tour
Mysterious Easter Island
A Mysterious Stone
Picking Strawberries
The Weight of a Snowflake
A Little Candle's Wish
Half a Eggshell
Crispy Sugar-Coated Fruit
Practicing Singing
Pictures of the Winter
A Mushroom Umbrella Shop
A Camel Hill
The Big Banyan
Sounds from the Corner
A Little Big-eared Elephant
Thanking the Elephant
A Little Pond in the Forest
The Big Clumsy Bear
A Bamboo Shoot Wearing a Straw Hat
A Small Mirror
The Grandpa With a Big Pipe
A Trunk Slide
Who Deserved a Beating?
A Naughty Cherry
A New House
Frogs Beat Drums
The Snail Traveler
Dark Friends
A Naughty Little Mouse
A Relay Baton
A Wool Ball
A Small Fishing Rod
The Little Kangaroo Quenched Its Parents' Anger
A Leaf Boat
The Snail Car
Who's the Tallest?
The Red Is Delicious?
A Little Kite
Eating a Melon
A Pair of Red Leather Shoes
A Good Baby
Three Balloons
A Paper Snake
A Black Bear and Two White Bears
A Watch That Loved to Listen to Whistling
An Exploration in a Summer Evening
A Mosquito on the Thirteenth Floor
An Uninvited Guest
An Album
Riding a Pony
The Yoghurt Tumult -- A Story without an End
White Spirits
Best Chinese Children's Literature: The Persian Cat Called Peck