Best Chinese Children's Literature Series -- the Fragrant Bird

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Table of Contents
Volume I
The White Cloud Found His Home
Three Green Bristlegrass
Huddle together for Warmth
The Small House in the Big House
The Fat Bear with Leather Shoes
The Sweet Grass
The White Goose Went into the Grassland
Little Leaf Fairy Tales
The Little Dog in the Calendar
The Fragrant Bird
The Petal Fish
The Little Tree on the Roof
The Black-Mole Beetle
Little Rat Climbing onto Lamp Stand
Fire Fox
Strange Walking Stick
Mountain, Our Good Friend
Volume II
Three Bunches of Red Roses
Moonlight Lullaby
White Horse, Black Horse
White Lilac, Purple Lilac
The Dragon Kite
The Dog's Bell
The Little Frog in a Red Vest
Bear Granny's Birthday
Blue Butterfly
Manman Going Fishing
Butterfly-tail Fish in the Candlelight
Kite Bird
Come Down, Old Man
The Root Bird
A Pair of Cotton Gloves
The Red Shoe
Volume III
His Own Voice
A Place Full of Rabbit Umbrella Flowers
The Butterfly Poet
I Am also a Bearded Grandpa
The Little Squirrel and the Red Leaf
The Bench Dog and His Little Yellow Flower
The Blue Bird and the Tree
Home Forever
The Black Oak
The White Fence
The Tulip and the Blue Butterfly
The Sound of the Wood Fish
The Shadow of the Moon
May Life Live Long in the Wind
The White Swan's Feather
The Persimmon Lamp and the Leiothrix Bird
The Blind Boy and His Shadow
The Warm Stone beside the Rouge Lake
The Snowman
The Snail
Rain Man
Shadow Man
Tree Castle
Eye Tree
Volume IV
Blue Sailboat
White Castle
Best Chinese Children's Literature Series -- the Fragrant Bird