Best Chinese Children's Literature: My Cousin Is Coming

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This series Collects representative works of ten famous Chinesechildren’s literature writers.some of which have won nominationsfor Hans Christian Andersen Award.AlI of their works are fairytales and stories for Chinese children.There are relationshipsbetween love and happiness.reality and fantasy. humans and nature.In these works every chiId WiII find his/her own story.which WiIItelI them how to face difficulties,how to hold on to their dreams,and every trouble they might have while growing up.Readingthese witty and Vibrant Will Understand Chinesechildren and their world of fantasy.
Table of Contents
My Cousin Is Coming
Cousin Dayu's Lecture
Girls' Affairs
Aunt Ruili
Grandma's Little House
A Farewell to Yi Fan
Immortal Maria
'Doctor' Peter
A Girl Called Rowe
My Fourth Brother's Garden
The Princess of the Garden
Yun Shang Is Heartbroken
Best Chinese Children's Literature: My Cousin Is Coming