Best Chinese Children's Literature: Big-Head Son and Small-Head Father

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Author: Zheng Chunhua; Wang Quangen;
Language: English
Format: 22.8 x 16.6 x 1.6 cm
Page: 146
Publication Date: 10/2014
ISBN: 9787511021946
Publisher: Dolphin Book
Series: Best Chinese Children's Literature

Big-Head Son and Small-Head Father (English Version) has been bestsellers for many years, which is a representative work of Zheng Chunhua and has also become one of the most typical representative works of Chinese outstanding original childrens literature. In addition, a cartoon with the same name adapted from this book is very popular all over the country and loved by most children.

Table of Contents
 Big-Head Son and Small-Head Father
Big-Head Son and Apron Mother
Big-Head Son and Plump Grandma
Big-Head Son and Big Next-Door Uncle
Extraordinary Boy Ma Mingjia
Birthday of Best Friend
Mr.Big Nose in the Kindergarten
Male Kindergarten Teacher
Sample Pages Preview
It was an umbrella painted with orange sunflowers.With this umbrella in hand, Grandma seemed to be holding a big beautiful basket of flowers. 
After walking for a while, they saw a bright orange spot far away on the grassland that changed back to light green.The big rain seemed to damp down the bright spot. 
Coming closer, they found it was a sunflower, like the sunflower umbrella.It could hardly survive in the big rain. 
Son squatted at once and made a "canopy" with his palms above the sunflower.He said, "Grandma, I want to save it! " 
"No problem!" Grandma said. 
Then they held the sunflower umbrella over the sunflower and protected it from the rain.Without worrying about the rain, the sunflower raised its head slowly and sent forth fragrance. 
"The sunflower must have seen the sunflower umbrella and said in its heart, ‘thank you for making me a shelter!'" said Son. 
"The sunflower umbrella must have seen the sunflower and said in its heart, ‘look, what a lovely real sunflower!'"said Grandma.
Best Chinese Children's Literature: Big-Head Son and Small-Head Father