Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2013

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"Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2013 " is a large-scale annual continuously published statistics. The yearbook through a lot of statistical data, the real record of the past year , Beijing 's economic and social development and changes , is home to the public understanding of Beijing , Beijing recognize the important information tool.
I, on the frame structure
(A ) general structure
" Beijing Statistical Yearbook," the overall framework remained stable, generally consists of two parts : Selected articles and statistics .
Selected articles : mainly published various large census or special investigation Gazette , for example , census , economic census , the Census of Agriculture , as well as R & D resources inventory communiqué .
Table: includes 24 chapters , namely, integrated , national accounts, population and employment, energy, resources and the environment , total fixed asset investment and real estate development, finance and taxation , the price index of living , urban public utilities , agriculture and the rural economy , industry, construction , transport telecommunications, wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and catering industry, foreign trade , tourism, finance and insurance , education, culture , science and technology , health, sports , social welfare , community, political and legal and other tertiary industries, business climate index , the consumer confidence index, the Zone and other 24 chapters . From the multi-sector , multi-field reflects the city's economic and social development .
( Two ) chapter structure
Chapters settings: mainly by reference to the statistical system , the order has a certain internal logic , generally for the first comprehensive index , after the sector or sub-sector ; first economic sphere, after the social sphere .
Chapters structure: each chapter from " brief description ", " Tables" and "Main Statistical Indicators" three parts. " Brief description " in each chapter home , introduces the main contents of this chapter , data sources , statistical coverage , indicators caliber and historical data adjustment methods ; "Main Statistical Indicators" in the footer of each chapter , mainly within this section involving the main indicators , calculation methods , and so do a brief explanation ; "Table " is the core content of each chapter .
Table arrangement : each chapter reflect the main areas of focus from the situation, layout tables content. First, the order statistics generally main indicators historical data sheet data sheet for the year after .
Second, on the use of essentials
( A ) Year
By convention , the title of the year marked the publication of the year, the tables yearbook latest data indicated the data as compared to the previous year . For example, the cover of " 2013 Beijing Statistical Yearbook " in the " 2013 " indicates the year of publication of the book , the latest data of the internal deadline to 2012 .
Table name in the "year" generally have three kinds of identification method, representing three meanings. First, the tables entitled " ****** ( 1978-2012 years ) " word ( where " ******" represents the statistics reflect the content , the same below ) , which means that the data listed in the table from 1978 to 2012 ; two tables name is not shown in the year , which means that the data listed in the table data for the current year and the previous year for two years ; Third tables named "****** ( 2012 ) ", said the data listed in the table for the 2011 data .
( Two ) symbols
Tables of common symbols are as follows:
#: Representative table aggregates and grouping indicators showed successively indented format. Among them, the "#" grouping indicator indicating that it is a part of the total index ; without the "#" indicator reflects the entire packet data packet indicator is the total sum of indicator data .
‖ : Bin column "‖ " for the grouping symbols , there are several indicators on behalf of a packet data . For example, Table 3-9 household population ( 1978-2012 years ) there are three "‖ " There are three groups on behalf of household population were grouped by age , by sex and grouped by household nature .
... : Insufficient data in the table indicates that the smallest unit of measurement number.
Space : Indicates the indicator data are not available or no data .
*** : Expressed as the individual units of data confidentiality , the data are not released .
( Three ) text
Text description includes " User's Guide ", " brief description " and notes under the table and so on. " User's Guide " in the " Directory" before the overall framework is introduced yearbook , describes the contents of the main adjustments ; " brief description " in each chapter home , introduces the main contents of this chapter , data sources , statistical coverage , indicators caliber and historical data adjustment methods , etc. ; tables under the Notes is caliber of some statistical indicators , methods, scope description of the contents .
(D ) Data
Under normal circumstances, a few tables in front of each chapter of the profession or the field are core indicators of historical data. If by year historical data is reflected in a table row , generally can be used continuously , but also need to pay attention to the note under the table so that the indicators have a more detailed understanding of meaning ; if historical data is divided into a number of tables displayed, expressed related statistical indicators had significant adjustments need segmented reflect , you can see " 2013 Beijing statistical Yearbook," Chapter VI "fiscal and taxation " in the " 6-1 local revenue ( 1978-2012 years ) " and " 6 - 4 local fiscal expenditure ( 2006-2012 ) , " two tables. In addition, the latest edition of the yearbook published on the part of the historical data with previous data on the yearbook to adjust , there are differences , therefore, access to and use of the latest historical data should be published yearbook.
( Five ) electronic CD-ROM
" Beijing Statistical Yearbook " is equipped with electronic discs, including Chinese and English versions of the two languages ​​, the auxiliary user data processing.
Third, on the 2013 edition of " Beijing Statistical Yearbook," explained
With the 2012 edition of " Beijing Statistical Yearbook," compared to the main content of the yearbook made ​​the following amendments :
1 . Launched the " Beijing Statistical Yearbook," User's Guide . In the original " Editor's Notes ," based on demand from the user , combined collected using the feedback information, and editing experience, preparation of the " Beijing Statistical Yearbook," user guide for concise form telling the user how to effectively use the " Beijing Statistical Yearbook ."
2 . Adjusted historical data and relevant demographic indicators per capita . According to the sixth census, the resident population for the period 2006-2009 and the packet data were revised , while the per capita GDP , per capita water resources , per capita water consumption , per capita savings and other indicators have also been revised .
3 . Implementation of the new criteria for the classification scale enterprises . From 2012 onward , the implementation criteria for the classification scale enterprises , " National Bureau of Statistics on the issuance of medium and small micro-enterprise division on the way to the notice" ( NUC word [ 2012 ] No. 75 ) .
4 . Under the new situation, new policies to increase and supplement related content. For example, the increase reflects the policy of housing construction situation ; Above small micro business situations ; rich cultural content , increasing the case of electronic publications , the number of filmmaking , publishing and audiovisual industry data ; increase the average population by census year years of education .
5 . Indicators continue to strengthen unity and group norms . Specification of the professional basic financial indicators ; former targets " local general budget revenue or expense ," the original " PPI ", " raw materials, fuel and power prices index" , etc. using the new index name. Furthermore, by convention , the original frame structure in the " Selected article " should be published census bulletin , etc., but not related to content publishing year 2012 .
Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2013