A Chinese Women at Gestapo Gunpoint

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Based on the true story of Madame Qian Xiuling and General von Falkenhausen, this novel is a remarkable thriller.
Over sixty years ago,our heroine Jin Ling left Chana for Belgium to study in the pursuit of science and her ideals. Unfortunately the Scecond World War breaks out and Belgium is occupied by the German Nazis.From that point our heroine throws herself into the fight against the fascists. Out of her ennobling spirit of humanity she helps a German general regain his lost conscience and saves the lives of more than one hundred resistance fighters at the gunpoint of the German secret police,the dreaded Gestapo…

When the war is finally over,she is awarded a National Heroes's Medal by the Belgian government and regarded as the “Mother of Belgium”by the Belgian people.

Heart-rending and soul-stirring ,the legendary experinces of this unpque heroine vividly reflect the best qualties of Chinese women,the noble spirit of internationalism,the aspirations of humanity for peace over ,war,and the ultimate struggle between justice and evil,life and death,humanity and brutality.

In this novel, Zhang Yawen brings to life the history of the Second World War as well as scenes of daily life and romance of the heroine,based on the valuable and detailed research that the author unearthed through interviews with the persons concerned.

Table of Contents
Chapter One Wartime Romance
Chapter Two Two A Chinese Girl and a German General
Chapter Three Crimson Wedding
Chapter Four “I’m No Nazi Sympathizer”
Chapter Five Captives
Chapter Six A Love Far from Home
Chapter Seven Hoffmann
Chapter Eight Gatecrashers on a Rainy Night
Chpater Nine A Sting in the Gestapo’Eyes
Chapter Ten A Mother's Blessings
Chapter Eleven The Ghosts among the Resistance Fighters
Chapter Twelve Blood and Roses
Chapter Thirteen First Sweet Kiss
Chapter Fourteen Affican Flamingo
Chapter Fifteen victor Disappears
Chapter Sixteen Shots on the Execution Ground
Chapter Seventeen Meeting in Prison
Chapter Eighteen The Kiss of Death
Chapter Nineteen Unexpected Enocouters in a Concentration Camp
Chapter Twenty The Final Trial
A Chinese Women at Gestapo Gunpoint