Beijing Pointers Daily Phrases Olympic Terms (Korean Version)

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This book is a practical aid for your stay in Beijing, whether for sightseeing, living or for the Olympic Games. It consists of daily words and expressions used in the following situations, including entering into China, checking into a hotel, going to a bank, dining in a restaurant, taking a walk in the street, checking time and weather, sightseeing, shopping, making appointments, visiting a hospital, traveling, having a conversation and enjoying entertainment. This book also includes some terms and words for the Beijing Olympic Games and sport events. With words and pictures side by side and arranged in 19 sections, the book is easy to use. By pointing your finger at the book, you can get around at any time and place, and communicate with anybody. You will also enjoy its handy hints for clothing, food, accommodation, going out and sightseeing.

The book also includes a useful telephone directory and a list of hotels and restaurants in Beijing.

In fact, the book is also a portable dictionary to help English speakers learn Chinese and get around in Beijing.
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Beijing Pointers Daily Phrases Olympic Terms (Korean Version)