Beautiful Bridge: Preliminary Practical Spoken Chinese I

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Level: Elementary

Beautiful Bridge: Practical Spoken Chinese is composed of two volumes, each constituted by a textbook, a workbook and word cards. This is the first volume of the series, including altogether 12 lessons. The first two lessons focus on the teaching of pronunciation by introducing the initials, finals and tones of Chinese and contain some short texts accompanied by exercises. Each of the other 10 lessons consists of text, new words, supplemented new words, notes, language points and integrated exercises, etc, with very practical content covering all aspects of life. In the exercise part, pronunciation exercises are provided in addition to the exercises for language points in the lesson so as to help students reinforce the pronunciations and new words learnt before and improve their phonological competence. The exercises feature a rich variety and are provided with illustrations. English annotations on all the lessons are given at the end of the book to facilitate the students’ learning.

About the Author
The Bridge School is one of the most famous and biggest private schools providing Chinese training in Beijing. All the teachers in that school are rich in teaching experience.
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Beautiful Bridge: Preliminary Practical Spoken Chinese I