Beautiful Bridge: Preliminary Practical Spoken Chinese II

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Usage Advice: 4~6 study hours/lesson

Level: Elementary

Beautiful Bridge is composed of 24 lessons in two volumes, each including 12 lessons. The first two lessons focus on the teaching of pronunciation, while Lessons 3~24 are the major parts, consisting of text, new words, supplemented new words, notes, language points and language activities, etc. Texts in this set of textbooks are developed following Mike, a foreigner working and living in Beijing. Each lesson discusses one topic, encompassing aspects such as shopping, taking a taxi, making a schedule, ordering food at a restaurant, traveling, weather, sports, home furnishing, etc., which are close to life and help students to learn “survival spoken Chinese” within a short time. This is Volume II.

About the Author
The Bridge School is one of the most famous and biggest private schools providing Chinese training in Beijing. All the teachers in that school are rich in teaching experience.
Table of Contents

第一课 下个星期三是几号
第二课 伦敦比北京凉快多了
第三课 你去过长城吗
第四课 他正在打电话呢
第五课 你游泳游得怎么样
第七课 疼得很厉害
第八课 那套公寓又大又漂亮
第九课 我把这些盘子放在哪儿
第十课 我把蛋糕装好
第十一课 我想把前边修一下
第十二课 我要回国了
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Beautiful Bridge: Preliminary Practical Spoken Chinese II