At Work: Twenty-five Contemporary Chinese Artists

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Author: Jon Burris;
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: 01/2011
ISBN: 9787119067537
This unique book shows why many believe Chinais the next "tidal wave" of opportun ty for art collector.s: thesheer creative output,the artistic variety and diversity nowblooming from within a country where,only a few decades ago, suchexpression would be repressed.

In the West, contemporary Chinese art has becomethe subject of intense fascination and speculation. In this book,writer and photographer Jon Burris profiles twenty-five topcontemporary Chinese painters, sculptors,photographers, andconceptual artists, taking the reader into their studios andpresenting intimate glimpses into their life and work. As a result,he offers a lingering portrait of the contemporary Chinese artscene.

From the symbolist paintings of Zhang Xiaogang,to the cynical realist works of Yue Minjun and the political popcanvases of Wang Guangyi, Burris details the historical, political,and cultural mimesis shaping China's contemporary artists.Amust-have book for admirers of contemporary Chinese art.

Table of Contents
He Sen
Huang Gang
Ji Dachun
Lin Tianmlao
Liu Jianhua
Liu Xiaodong
Liu Ye
Qi Zhilong
Rong Rong and Inri
Shi Guorui
Su Xinping
Sui Jianguo
Wang Guangyi
Wang Huaiqing
Wang Jianwei
Wang Tiantian
Yan Ping
Yang Shaobin
Yu Hong
Yue Minjun
Zhang Huan
Zhang Xiaogang
Zhong Biao
Zhou Tiehai
At Work: Twenty-five Contemporary Chinese Artists