Three Kingdoms (3 Vols)

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The empire, long divided, must unite;long united, must divide. Thus it hasever been." With this characterization of theinevitable cycle of Chinese history, themonumental tale Three Kingdoms begins. Asimportant for Chinese culture as the Homericepics have been for the West, this Mingdynasty masterpiece continues to be read andloved throughout China as well as in Japan,Korea, and Vietnam. The novel offers astartling and unsparing view of how power iswielded, how diplomacy is conducted, andhow wars are planned and fought; it hasinfluenced the ways that Chinese think aboutpower, diplomacy, and war even to this day. Three Kingdoms portrays a fateful momentat the end of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D.220) when the future of the Chinese empirelay in the balance. Writing more than amillennium later, Luo Guanzhong drew onoften-told tales of this turbulent period tofashion a sophisticated, compelling narrative,whose characters display vivid individualityand epic grandeur.

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The story begins when the emperor,fearing uprisings by peasant rebels known asthe Yellow Scarves,sends an urgent appeal tothe provinces for popular support.inresponse,three young men——the aristocraticLiu Xuande.the fugitive Lord Guan.and thepig-butcher Zhang Fei——meet to pledgeeternal brotherhood and fealty to theirbeleaguered government.From these eventscomes a chain of cause and consequence thatleads ultimately to the collapse of the Han. MOSS Roberts's new translation providesfor the first time an authoritative,annotatedEnglish-language version of this great andenduring work of world literature.
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By John S. Service
Three Kingdoms
A Historical Novel/1
Afterword: About Three Kingdoms
By Moss Roberts/1459
Afterword: Notes/1528
Principal Characters in Three Kingdoms/1539
Chronology of Main Events in Three Kingdoms/1545
Titles, Terms, and Offices in Three Kingdoms/1551
Notes to Three Kingdoms/1557
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Three Kingdoms (3 Vols)